Horseback Riding Experience in Sedona

horseback riding in sedona

Today was an amazing experience on horseback in the beautiful Sedona red rocks. The weather was perfect and Meaghan and I decided to go on a different trail. I’m so glad we did. After following a huge hawk that took us in a different direction than usual, we winded down a very steep trail and […]

Snake Dream ~ Snake Messages in the Cave

Had a dream last night about going down a tunnel underground to find something. Not sure what I were looking for. Then quite a ways down I came to a large underground cave, it was very dark. I started to notice snakes all over the inside of the cave. I fearlessly walked into the cave […]

Mountain Lion Animal Medicine and Message

mountian lion animal totem vision quest

I went on a vision quest near Beaver Creek on Wednesday March 20th 2013. The next morning I woke before anyone and walked up to the road to face the sun and invite the day. I heard a loud thump behind me and thought, did some campers move in while we were sleeping? I turned around […]

Butterfly Animal Medicine and Totem

butterfly animal medicine totem

Last night I had a dream about butterflies. In my dream I remember looking up into the trees and seeing hundreds of large monarch butterflies taking flight one by one. I remember seeing the sun shining brightly behind the trees illuminating the moment. I was also taking pictures as fast as I could with my […]

Spirit Keepers ~ Animal Totems

spirit keepers animal totems

The Spirit Keepers The Spirit Keepers are Spirit Beings responsible for teaching us the power of their respective Directions. When we are born, the Great Spirit assigns, per se, a particular one to us, sort of like a Guardian Angel, to Guide, Teach, Protect us, and to serve as a sort of Team Leader.(See the […]