Sedona Shamanic Healing Vortex Experience

Join Rebekah (a local native who has been guiding travelers coming to Sedona since 2007) for an authentic shamanic healing experience at the heart of Sedona’s vortex energy. We will sit atop one of Sedona’s most sacred mountains and feel the healing energy of the land. Learn the scientific and spiritual aspects of the Sedona

New Soul Retrieval Specialist Training and Certification Online!

In this training, you will learn how to help others heal deep emotional wounds that could be blocking them from experiencing happiness, peace, and balance in their lives today. Soul retrieval is an authentic emotional healing technique that uses a combination of life coaching and guided imagery. Life coaching is the art of finding the

Rebekah offers Authentic Emotional Healing in Sedona

Rebekah is a local Arizona native born and raised in the Verde Valley. She has been guiding others in Sedona since 2006. She specializes in Shamanic Earth Medicine including soul retrieval, shamanic journey, medicine wheel ceremony, drum healing, vortex tours, ancestral land journeys, house blessings, land clearings, animal totems and messages and more. Rebekah helps

Hawk Animal Spirit Message

Choose your priorities! Focus and eliminate all distractions. Once you decide on something to give your passionate attention to, the right action will become immediately apparent. You have everything you need to get started. As you recognize distractions, set strong personal boundaries to protect your energy and keep your focus. Most people allow distractions to