Animal Messages

A quick reference guide to the messages and teachings of the animal kingdom. Animal messages are different from animal totems or power animals.

Alligator Take your time, set boundaries, renewal and new beginnings, gather all facts before passing any judgement, honor your ancestors in any way you choose.

Ant Its time to get to work on that project and see it through to completion, seek support, be patient.

Anteater Eat smaller portions throughout the day, beware of anything that seems out of place, try harder to complete projects, don’t use more than you need, just breathe in the face of fear.

Antelope Be cautious around aggressive energy, take advantage of new opportunities, go for your hearts desire, finish your projects quickly, if you’ve been spending too much time in solitude, seek out the company of friends. (also see gazelle, gnu, impala)

Artic Fox Don’t let the negative things others  say affect you. Allow the changes to happen that come with the seasons.

Armadillo Set clear boundaries, retreat, dig deeper, be discerning, be clear on what you do want.

Baboon Get grounded, your family needs attention, significant teachings will come from foolish mistakes, only share your creations with those you trust, create a sacred space in your home.

Badger Be persistent and stick with your projects, defend your beliefs, stop your avoidance tactics and get on with what you know you need to do, stop relying on others and be self-reliant, be constructive.

Bald Eagle You have a increasing ability to walk between the material world and that of the spirit.

Bat Let go of old habits and attachments that no longer serve you, you are going through and initiation that will guide you to a more spiritually directed life, confront your fears, socialize more by joining a class or group that you think you’d enjoy.

Bear Set clear boundaries, ask for what you want, take action on that project, spend some time in solitude, you may be in need of physical or emotional healing, be gentle and show your love to those who you are close to, seek inside yourself for answers. ( also see black bear, brown bear, polar bear)

Beaver Time for purposeful activity, stop procrastinating, balance activities with rest, don’t waste time and energy on unimportant matters, change your environment to feel more secure and comfortable.

Bee Get busy on that project, involve others including community, enjoy the sweetness of life.

Black Bear Seek meditation and introspection, balance activities with rest, remember to play, allow any darkness you discover to teach you a lesson.

Black Bird Take risks in whatever you want to do, try sound healing, follow your spiritual path, observe signs.

Black Cockatoo The period of chaos and uncertainty will soon be over. If you thought about traveling this is a good time too.

Blue Bird This moment is rare and precious so open up your senses and enjoy it, relax and lighten up, speak your truth.

Black Jaguar For your spiritual and physical growth its time to face your fears head on. Stop worrying and accept things for what is, and let the future take care of the itself.

Blue Jay Pay close attention, someone may be trying to deceive you, choose a spiritual path and explore it fully, face fear, access your talents and take action on how you can best use them, finish a project.

Boar (Javelina) Stop procrastinating, finish a project, confrontation, face fearful situations so that you may find peace, get closure, beginning of wealth, prosperity and personal growth.

Bobcat Learn to live alone without feeling lonely, be alert and relaxed, look for what’s not being presented, trust your instincts, be careful what you share with others.

Brown Bear Stay grounded no matter what, it’s time to bring your dreams and plans to fruition, trust your instincts, come out and play, don’t just wait for something to happen, take action now.

Buffalo (Bison) Abundance,  trust that you will always have whatever you need, be grateful for what you have, expect miracles and keep faith, you may begin to feel more calm and peaceful, spirituality increases, you are a a big part of a new era in peace and harmony for all people. (also see white buffalo)

Bull This is a very fertile and dynamic time for you, your life is headed for a upturn cycle, so welcome it. This is a very prosperous time for you, enjoy the material possessions you have and release the ones that have served their purpose. Set a goal, get committed, but do not rush. ( also see musk ox and or ox)

Butterfly Time to lighten up & stop taking everything so seriously. Big change is happening, old habit, old way of thinking, new life is emerging. Its time to change what you have been considering in spite challenges you will know ” This too shall pass” wear more colorful clothing.

California Condor You’ll find a new enthusiasm about life. In the morning take a few moments to greet the sun by standing with your arms out in a welcoming gesture.

Camel More than ever it is time to trust your own intuition. You’ll have a lot of energy and even though you will not have a lot of support for the road ahead yet you will need to take it with complete trust that you have everything you need within and you will succeed.

Canada Goose Lose your inhibitions and sing or chant as often as possible. Listen carefully for any omens that show up.

Cardinal Someone needs your compassionate and loving attention and has flagged you down to get it. Stop where you are and observe your surroundings then notice the sensations in your body. This is a good time to explore the religion you grew up in, with eyes and heart open for a fresh look.

Caribou This is time for you to act with resolve, make a decision. There is something bugging you it is time to address it.

Cat This is a period where self-sufficiency and trust your own capabilities is necessaries. Listen closely to your intuitive guidance, as its likely one of your ancestors that is one of your spirit guides trying to communicate with you. This is a period of magic and mystery for you, so pay close attention to signs and omens that will guide and direct you. (also see feral cat)

Chameleon This is time to stay in the background. You’re in for a very positive change. Be careful about getting a head of yourself.

Cheetah Things will be speeded up for awhile, Increase your flexibility by daily stretching maybe even take a yoga class. You must respond without hesitation to opportunity that has recently presented itself. Remain flexible and willing to change the course quickly.

Chimpanzee Use your imagination to create fresh approaches to problem solving, you have everything you need to tackle the responsibilities. Let go of any anger or resentments you’ve recently had a conflict with. Adjust your diet to one of healthy, natural and organic foods.

Chipmunk (also ground squirrel) Trust you are protected and that there are no real dangers you will have to face. Go for walks and explore, pay attention to anything that catches your eye. Pay more attention to vocal characteristics of those you encounter volume, pitch and inflection then the actual words as a way of discerning more about the person than speech alone reveals.

Cockroaches Survival, adaptability and thriving in any condition. Make the most of current resources, of moving with speed and agility. Perseverance, tenacity and discerning when and how to move and take a step forward.

Cockatoo Let go of your agenda and do something spontaneous, do something special to show your love for a spouse or close friend. You’re about to embark a learning process. Bolster your self esteem by refusing to demean, or put down yourself. (also see black cockatoo & white cockatoo)

Condor (also vulture) In spite of the circumstances in the losses you’ve sustained you’ll discover the gifts in this experience that didn’t seem apparent. Time to clean up the clutter and messes and find new creative solutions. (also see California condor & turkey vulture)

Cormorant Once you have clarity about your goal, dive in with out hesitation. You’ve been working really hard, time to step back and take a stretch in the sun. There seems to be some one holding you back, in order to move ahead, you have to release any belief system that you are some how a victim in this situation. Own your power, because giving it away causes too much mental, physical & emotional distress.

Cougar (also mountain lion or puma) You’re being called upon to be a leader right now be decisive right now no more procrastinating. Stay strong, move forward and keep your faith!

Cow This is a very nourishing time for you, you have nothing to worry about. This is time is meant for healing and mending your relationship with your mother whether she is alive or passed into the spirit world.

Coyote Lighten up you are taking things to seriously. Something quite unexpected and not necessarily welcomed is about to happen. Rather than running or fighting it will work out better if you adjust to it. Forgive yourself for any mistakes or errors and look for the lessons out of this experience.

Crab You are about to experience a shift in your personal life that is beneficial to your soul paths. You’ll become more clairvoyant. You are missing a lot by being too focused on what’s right in front of you. Pay close attention to your subconscious which will come through from dreams, visions, flashes. Put on your favorite music, comfortable clothes, shut the shades and dance.

Crane Do what you need to do in order to bring greater balance into your life. Pay close attention to signs and omens at this time. You will be able to glimpse into the future with out fear. Time to restore that hobby or interest you once enjoyed.

Crocodile Take your time, set boundaries, renewal and new beginnings, gather all facts before passing any judgement, honor your ancestors in any way you choose.

Crow (also Raven) You are about to manifest something you have been working on for awhile. Watch for omens and signs over next couple days. Expect a very big change soon. Any injustice or out of balance in your life it is now time to speak up about it. You will have a glimpse into the future and how it will affect you directly.

Deer You’ve been dealing with aggression and negativity. Find more nourishing situations and people. Trust your gut instincts. Be gentle with yourself and others. ( also see caribou, elk, mule deer, stag, white tailed deer)

Dingo Lighten up and laugh at your mistakes. Spend some time in nature and rather than judging yourself on your mistakes look at what you have learned from them.

Dog Keep your faith strong no matter what’s going on in life. It’s important to volunteer something purely in the spirit of service. (also see Dingo)

Dolphin Meditate, listen more and talk less. Behave lovingly towards the one you have a difficult time with. Try dolphin breathing by taking three slow deep breaths and exhale with an audible sound “puh” then examine how you feel.

Donkey Volunteer to an organization for service. Listen and respect your intuition. Proceed cautiously, the more you honor and respect your inner trust the recognition and acknowledgment you’ll receive.

Dove Express your love to as many people. The soul of some one who passed has made a smooth transition. Time to stay at home and self nurture spend time with self care.

Dragon You’re about emerging into a new phase in life. Do more kind activities, your entering prosperity. Spend time meditating and in contemplation and you will receive valuable insight.

Dragonfly Be on lookout for falsehoods, deceit or illusions. You’re being too rational, your passion is awakening, its vital to recharge your psychic energy. Your undergoing a magical transformation. It is important to work with fairies and other elements right now.

Duck It is time for fertility, time to have fun, the turmoil has passed. Do what ever is necessary to find emotional comfort.(also mallard and wood duck)

Eagle There’s an opportunity for you, there will be new beginning. Detach and try to rise above the mundane so you can see your life in a higher perspective and greater vision. It is time for a spiritual awakening, any thing you put out positive or negative will return to you more quickly than ever. (also see bald eagle and golden eagle)

Eel Others both male and female will be increasingly attracted to you. You will soon embark on a spiritual pilgrimage. You will get to the bottom of questions you have had, release any emotions blocking you.

Egret Patients, patients, patients. It is time to rely on yourself more than others. Although it is useful to rely on your emotions, at this time rely on your intelligence and wit in this situation. (also see heroin)

Elephant Make it a point to be of service, do not let anything stand in the way of this goal. You have the determination and persistence required to overcome the current challenges you face.

Elk Seek out the company of others and friends of the same gender. Your inner child requires considerable nurturing and protection right now.

Falcon Before making a decision step back and consider, be patient and trust your instinct. Pay closer attention to natural rhythm of your body. Once you make a decision stay committed and take the plunge.(also see kestrel, kite, peregrine falcon)

Feral Cat Do something wild and out of character, break away from any unhealthy dependencies.

Firefly You’re burning the candle on both ends. You’ve done the necessary preparation for the desired outcome, now enjoy and watch your vision manifest. You’re awakening to your spiritual gifts and are called to offer your “light” to your friends, family, and community. You’re now following the truth of your soul’s path, be careful of any distractions or old habits.

Flamingo Avoid loud noisy events, be honest. Before taking action on the question before you take information and balance. You’ve isolated yourself too long.

Fly Be quick, decide fast. Your ego is in a struggle. Others admire you it is important to respect boundaries. Someone is annoyed by you, clear it up. Look for where it isn’t.

Fox Trust your intuition, your intelligence and ingenuity are more useful right now. It’s better to be in the background, its best to blend into your surroundings. It’s important at this time to break out of your social conditioning and express yourself freely. (also see arctic fox, gray fox, kit fox and red fox)

Frog Time to do a physical cleanse, do an emotional cleanse, cry as much as you need to in order to clear any emotional toxicity. Singing & chanting will help you balance. This is the start of a slow and steady transformation for you.

Gazelle Trust your instincts and move quickly, say in the background, don’t give up, your spiritual growth will accelerate, your path will change rapidly but it will be in alignment with your souls purpose.

Gecko Record your dreams in a dream journal. When you’ve tried and tried to get through to someone or resolve a problem and its not working its best to detach and move on.

Gila Monster  If you’re in doubt at all be patient and wait. This is a good time for a cleansing fast over a few days, or if you’re physically capable to do so a complete fast with only water.

Giraffe Keep your head up, have faith and trust your gut. It’s better to not act to hastily. Make it a point to be a better listener and have better communication.

Gnu (wildebeest) There are some significant changes that you want so start with the top two on the list and go for it.

Goat (Mountain) Stop butting your head against the wall. Ask for support you need, Keep moving forward and spend time outdoors.

Golden Eagle Go on a spiritual adventure. Find your passion and means to express it.

Goose Time of good fortune, call your ancestors for guidance and protection. Reread your favorite fairy tales. Write creative and imaginative stories. You are very well protected. (also see Canada goose and snow goose)

Gopher Look under the surface, more than ever its time to take full responsibility for your own growth. In order to move forward you may need to take a few steps backwards. It might be time to get your eyes checked soon if you haven’t in past few years.

Gorilla Clear and concise communication is important right now. More than ever it is crucial to respect yourself. A wise and knowledgeable teacher is about to come into your life.

Grasshopper Be fearless and take a leap of faith. You’re about to receive uplifting news. This is a time of rapid change that will take place in a burst forward movement.

Goshawk This is the time to take the lead and not wait on some one else. If you can visualize what you want than you can obtain it.

Gray Fox Right now it is best to keep to yourself and not stand out.

Gray Kangaroo This is particularly abundant and prosperous time.

Great Blue Heron Take some time for self examination only you know what is best for you.

Grebe Immerse yourself in creative project, your dreams will be more vivid and your psychic and intuitive powers are on the increase.

Grizzly Bear Stay grounded no matter what, it’s time to bring your dreams and plans to fruition, trust your instincts, come out and play, don’t just wait for something to happen, take action now.

Groundhog You’re about to investigate a new area of study. Pay close attention to your dreams. Communicate your boundaries and limits.

Grouse Study the sacred spiral, you’re increasingly coming into your personal power, which draws from the source and expresses itself through you as you. Create a sacred ceremony, one with a lot of drumming and dancing to honor spirit.(also see ruffed grouse & sage grouse)

Hare Move quickly and remain flexible. Pay closer attention to cycles of the moon. You’ll be required to make some unexpected and rapid changes direction in the coming days. (also see rabbit)

Hawk You’re caught up in too many details. Stay alert, spend time observing, when it is time for action make it quick and decisive. (also see goshawk and osprey)

Hedgehog No matter what’s going on right now do your absolute best. You have a powerful connection with ancient goddess energy. Work directly with the earth, this is a good time to honor your natural curiosity.

Heron You’ve approached the opportunity before you by meeting this challenged situation head on you will discover some powerful gifts and powers you where unaware of. (also see great blue heron)

Hippopotamus Trust your intuition an act on on it. Your skin is sensitive right now. It’s critical not to deviate from your path. Be protective towards your artistic creations.

Horse It is time to free yourself from physical and emotional constricting aspects of your life. This situation requires strong warrior energy, balanced, sensitivity, patients and compassion.(also see white horse)

Hummingbird You need to be flexible with the twists and turns in your life the next couple days. Openly express the love you have and feel for those important people in your life.

Hyena Make it  point to spend some one on one time with each of your children. Be extra sensitive and attentive to the words you use and how you express them.

Iguana  This is time to take action on something you’ve dreamed about doing but that was unrealistic. Although you have had a hard fall recently you have to get up and keep going.

Impala There are going to be some quick and dramatic changes in your life, take the leap, there’s a situation or relationship that’s been feeling negative or oppressive and you need to retreat to restore balance. Listen for what is not being said.

Ibis Every day pause for a few moments at least a couple times a day and think the thought ” Every thing is sacred” Follow in your heart and trust in its wisdom.

Jaguar Focus on what you want with clear intention. You’re going to experience an awakening of your deepening psychic vision. Keep your plans and intentions to yourself, not to be secretive but to allow them to gain power. (also see black jaguar)

Jellyfish Keep your faith strong and know life will supply everything you need. Be a little more cautious of any work your doing right now on the spirit realm. Stay organized to be more efficient in all you do and make sure you are drinking enough water.

Kangaroo There is nothing to worry about, it is important to stay connected to your family. Progress will happen in leaps and bounds.(also see gray kangaroo, red kangaroo and wallaby)

Kestrel Use your mental capacities and wits to resolve the situation you are dealing with.

Kingfisher  Make it a point to express yourself clearly. For the next seven days set a few moments in quiet place. Take the plunge into this project and or relationship with confidence.

Kite Take the mask off and show the world who you truly are. Each day take time to take some deep slow breaths and count to ten as you inhale and ten as you exhale.

Koala Watch your diet at this time. Next time you are about to drink water take a moment and say a prayer of gratitude for this water. After say a prayer for all water on the earth.

Komodo Dragon What ever changes you make right now in your life will last a long time. This is a time of great passion so enjoy expressing it in all you do.

Kookaburra To maintain your dreams stay centered and focused. Be compassionate yet do not be fooled by anyone. The best way to overcome your fear is to face it.

Ladybug If it alights on you, make a wish and your wish will be granted. Take time to pray and meditate. Something you thought was lost or gone is making its way back to you. Mother Mary is with you to guide and console you, no matter what your religious or spiritual orientation is.

Lark Your entering a cycle where you will be completely free and happy. Find your own power song by sitting in nature.

Lemur Your powers of clairvoyance will increase where you will be able to see your helping spirits more clearly.

Leopard Take some time in solitude and pace yourself. A secret that has been kept from you will soon be revealed. (also see ocelot, snow leopard)

Lion Hold your head up high and keep your dignity. You are stronger than you think. When faced with a decision follow your heart.

Lizard Pay close attention to your dreams especially reoccurring themes. Meditate and pray, call upon a deep ancient part of you. Listen to your intuition over anyone else. (also see chameleon, gecko, gila moster, iguana, komodo dragon)

Llama It’s been a long haul you are almost there. Move slowly towards your goal. Seek out the company of others that have similar goals as you.

Lobster Your in the process of a powerful transformation. One of your biggest lessons right now is patients. The more powerful lessons right now will be in the evenings.

Loon Do regular exercise, dream work, journal, meditate all of this will help your explore your subconscious, which will help you in return understand yourself better.

Lynx Take some time in silence a day with no visits. Some one will confidence in you about their secrets it is important to keep this in confidence. Beware of people trying to deceive you trust your instincts.

Macaw  You’ll benefit from being out in the sunlight. You are at a new beginning of new heights in your spirituality.  You are going to notice a shift in your communication abilities, trust in your perspectives.

Magpie Act on any and all opportunities. Pay close attention to signs and omens. Be especially clear and straightforward in your verbal communications.

Mallard What ever project you are engaged in this is a great time for productivity.

Manatee Adjust your diet to green leafy vegetables. Slow down to about 80% of your usual pace. Stop procrastinating this is a very nurturing time for you. It is time to put some peoples needs before your own.

Meadowlark Expect some good news or pleasant surprise. It is time for some inward journey. Whatever project you have been working on is about to come into fruition.

Meerkat You may have to do some digging for the answers you are seeking. Trust that others who care and love you are always watching out for you.

Mockingbird Sing either by yourself or with others. Pay attention to other peoples body language at this time. Others will pay more attention to what you do rather than your appearance.

Mole Trust in what you feel rather than what you see. You will find yourself getting more psychic impressions when you touch others, trust those impressions.

Mongoose When it is necessary to defend yourself do it with absolute courage and honesty. Pursue your goals actively and clean up any clutter. ( also see meerkat)

Monkey Accept things as they are and once you do you will be able to come up with creative solutions. Be willing to adjust and open to new perspectives.

Moose You can feel proud of recent accomplishments. It is important to encourage others with their dreams. You have the strength and ability to endure this emotional period. Trust in your own authority more than what you get from others.

Mosquito Be careful of energy vampires.

Moth  A letter, email or package will be coming shortly with important news. Whatever that has been hidden or veiled is about to be revealed. If your in a romantic or intimate relationship use oils or aroma therapy to enhance attraction rather than perfumes or colognes.

Mouse Pay close attention to all details, you may be missing something that is obvious and right in front of you.

Muskrat Clean out your home and clear the clutter. Keep a dream journal for next couple days. Rely more on what you hear and smell rather than what you see.

Musk Ox You’re discovering a primal strength and fortitude inside you. Meet any challenges head on. Look to your family or friends for support, comfort, and protection.

Ocelot Channel your nervous energy or tension to artistic expression. Some one close to you will soon share something that he or she wants you to keep confidential.

Octopus Explore the possibility of working with those that are transiting into the spirit realm, Get a through physical exam paying close attention to your heart and lungs.

Opossum In order to achieve what you have been going towards you will need to push farther then you thought you could. If you’re in a tight corner follow your instincts and trust your intuition.

Orangutan To accomplish what you set out to do pay close attention the faces of those you deal with. Trust more what you see than what you hear. Put your best face on to finish the job.

Ostrich Sort out whatever is not useful. You’re completely protected, be courage’s. It is a good time to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.

Osprey Your body is calling for the type of nutrients that fish can provide. This is the time to immerse yourself in creative energy.

Otter It’s time to relax and be more playful. Clean up the area in your home what ever struggles you are going through confront them head on.

Owl Meditate in silence and darkness for a few minutes each day for the next few days. Be alert to any deception. This particularly a good time to tap into the intuitive wisdom available to you. (also see barn owl, barred owl, great horned owl, screech owl, short eared owl, snowy owl)

Ox Pursue the educational course you’ve been considering. Teamwork is the best way to achieve what you want to accomplish.

Panda Your thinking is too polarized too black/white and right/wrong you need to broaden your perspective. Take yourself up somewhere high and view the world below and meditate. Incorporate the goddess Kwan Yin in your panoply of spiritual consultations.

Parrot Steer clear of gossip, it is a good time to study the power and effects of light and color. It’s time to revisit and renew something you have always dreamed of.

Peacock You’re about to experience a vision that will greatly effect your life. It is time to take action, you are more than protected. Your dignity and integrity are particularity called for right now.

Pelican This is an opportunity to forgive yourself or someone else. It is time to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down. Focus on cooperating with others rather than competing.

Penguin You’re much more powerful and durable than you think. You have everything you need inside. You’ll soon be able to experience lucid dreaming.

Peregrine Falcon This is time to act swiftly. Be especially guarded with your health at this time.

Pheasant This spring plant a garden either indoors or outdoors. You’re at your best when you stay grounded. Your libido and vitality are at a peak right now, so enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Phoenix Get ready for significant change. Let go of whatever does not serve you right now. No matter the darkness that has befallen you right now, trust that relief is on the way. Light the fires in your heart by singing and chanting.

Pig Abundance, wealth, strength and never wanting for mundane needs.

Pigeon Your about to receive an important message. Keep your mind on the goal. No matter where you are at, you can envision and get the comfort of home by closing your eyes. If your going through struggle stay connected to your family and friends.

Platypus Rather than trying to adapt to others and their pace, stay in tune to your own internal rhythm.

Polar Bear Be assertive in your communication and actions, treat yourself with respect, observe before taking action, use only the energy you need, nourish and replenish your body, mind and spirit, You are about to embark on a spiritual adventure, one that will awaken your hidden gifts and qualities that have been dormant until now.

Porcupine Make sure your diet includes nutritious and organic vegetables. It is important for you to move at your own pace. Trust that you will be respected as long as you respect others.

Prairie Dog Get involved in your immediate community. Take some time for yourself, such as a retreat or a day in silence. You’ve been pushing too hard and meeting resistance all the way, so take a step back and rest.

Praying Mantis You can benefit from studying and practicing martial arts. Make prayer and meditation part of your daily regimen. Listen to your instincts as to when to move forward.

Puffin Actions speaks louder than words, make it a point each day to pray for a few minutes especially for gratitude. Its better at this time to contain your true feelings rather than expressing them. Do your best to avoid conflict and inject a healthy dose of fun and humor into your spiritual path.

Quail Stay away from junk food and fast food for a week. If you feel threatened instead of responding immediately, change the subject by excusing yourself. You’re about to discover a greater sense of who you are.

Rabbit (also see Hare) This is a very creative time for you. Try a vegetarian diet for next few days, notice how you feel. You’re going to find yourself experiencing a period of quiet and stillness followed by a burst of intense activity. Express your love freely and readily to those you’re closest too.

Raccoon In spite of any doubts you have for the situation ahead, you have all the resources available to you that you need. Pay close attention to any signs or omens you may be getting from any ancestors or deceased loved ones. It is important to remain emotionally and mentally flexible for next few days.

Ram (also see Bighorn sheep) What ever you have been considering starting , now it is time to go ahead and begin. The timing is right for you to pursue intellectual and educational interest. You are ready for some new challenges, so be willing to charge ahead. You are about to emerge into a spiritual path that will give you a different sense of yourself.

Rat A project or investment is about to pay off. This is a good time to exercise caution. Take an inventory of material goods you have and recycle or throw out what is no longer purposeful.

Raven (also see crow) Magic is in the air. Pay attention to dreams and visions especially colorful and powerful ones, as these are indicated prophecy. You’re gradually shape shifting to more confident, powerful, and spiritually based you that will emerge more the more you let go of your old self.

Red Fox It is important to be flexible let the fires of passion in your heart to be expressed.

Red Kangaroo It is time to take full responsibility for your actions and do the right thing. Your family needs your attention right now.

Rhinoceros Experiment with doing things on your own. Do not make any decisions with out gathering all intuitive and intellectual information as possible. Do what ever you need to stay away from conflict and aim for peace and harmony. (also see black rhinoceros, white rhinoceros)

Roadrunner There is a situation occurring in your life that require you to think on your feet. This is a great time to make plans and put them into action. Be sure to take care of yourself before you take care of others, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Robin It is time to let go of anything in your life that is outmoded and stagnant. Let go of drama in your life and welcome as much laughter and joy as possible.

Ruffed Grouse While dancing and or drumming focus on something you want to change or manifest.

Sage Grouse Find a place in your home that is a sacred place. For a few minutes a day do a circle dance or spiral dance clockwise then counter clockwise.

Salamander You’re about to go through a subtle transformation, do not rush it. You’re about to receive help from an unexpected source. If your entering a new relationship either personal or professional check out things carefully before proceeding.

Salmon In spite of challenges or disappointment continue towards your goals you will reach it. It’s critical that you follow your intuition. You may experience a loss such as a relationship or through a move, yet this will precede a new beginning.

Sandpiper Select a time each day to put on your favorite music and dance. Do whatever you need to do to stay grounded.

Scorpion In order to go through this change keep a control on your temper. Sex with some one will move to a greater intensity. This a time for transformation for you where you will release toxic habits and toxic relationships.

Seagull You are opening up communication with nature spirits especially fairies and water sprites. It is time to clean up your home and clear up any misunderstandings.

Seahorse Your being called upon to sacrifice your own needs. It might be time to experiment with changing gender roles.

Seal Your dreams will be very clear and vivid. The cycle of hardship and challenges are complete you are moving into plenty and abundance.

Seal Lion This is time to let yourself experience joy and playful. Take time to stretch or do yoga to keep your body flexible.

Shark You’re especially sensitive right now allow yourself to swim through your emotions. Notice how your moods shift depending on what you eat consider changing your diet.

Skunk Be assertive and stand your ground. Make your self respect and dignity on top priority. You’re taking yourself too seriously time to relax, play and know that everything is alright.

Sloth Slow down your pace, you miss so much by running around in all you do. Whatever you are dealing with try viewing it from a different perspective.

Snail Slow down!

Snake You’re about to go through some personal changes. You’re about to resolve a long standing issue, one that has taken a great deal of your energy. You’ll experience a dramatic emotional or physical healing.

Snow Goose You’re about to travel to a familiar place. Let go of whatever you kept that is no longer purposeful to you.

Snow Leopard  Your path toward the completion of your goals will be one of the greatest leaps over any obstacles you encounter.

Sparrow This is a very productive time for you. Your heart is opening more and more. Your energy is awakening and you will start to whistle with out even noticing it.

Spider Beware of any potential traps or ruses that you are tempted to get involved in. It is time to write creatively without limits allowing yourself to be inspired by spirit.

Squirrel Get ready for up coming changes and the best way to deal with challenges are head on. Start to prepare for the future and as you head towards your goal do not forget to relax and play.

Stag It is time to release something that no longer fits you. This is a particularly intuitive time so pay close attention.

Starfish Keep your sense open and no matter what others say do things you want even when they are unusual. Some one in your circle is going to need compassion.

Stork Get ready for a new birth into a different expression of yourself. This is a good time to go to your original home. Dedicate some time to your home and family.

Swallow You’re very caught up in the mundane aspects of life. Your home is well protected, it is time to let go and move on.

Swan No matter what is happening in your life keep your faith strong. You will soon find clarity and purpose. Focus on the fact that life is precious. (also see mute swan, trumpeter swan, whistling swan)

Tiger Remain focused and be patient. You will soon find healing, create a sacred space in your home that is completely yours, one where others may enter. (see Siberian tiger)

Toad It is a good time to withdraw into solitude. This is a volatile period for personal change. You have much more available to you in terms of skills, experience, and inner strength than you’re aware of.

Toucan Consider stretching yourself by taking a workshop in acting, speech or theater. Be willing to speak up and aware of your words. You could benefit from chanting.

Turkey It is important to focus on your needs, your are about to receive a gift of some sort. Perform some act that honors the earth either some type of ceremony or picking up local trash.

Turkey Vulture You are going to find yourself being able to see auras around you more.

Turtle (ocean) You’ve been going way to fast it is time to slow down. This is a period of increased sensitivity to the earths vibration and those of collective human consciousness. Spend hours or longer in solitude away from other people. ( also see tortoise land)

Unicorn It is vital that you purse any creative or artistic interest you have. You’ll notice more signs and visitations from the Nature spirits and elemental kingdom, such as fairies and sprites. Let go of your worries and responsibilities for a while, and just play and have fun. You’re going to experience a surge in your personal power, so use it wisely.

Wallaby Even if you have doubts and feel uncertain take the course you have begun.

Walrus Be especially watchful for signs and omens from Nature that will give you guidance. This is a important time to heal your relationship with money by understanding that it is simply a physical means of exchanging energy. Join up with a group of like-minded people.

Wasp What ever task in front of you jump in and go for it. Break out of your routine and do something unusual. Lead with your heart not your mind.

Weasel Be some what cautious in business deals. Trust your senses about other people. You’re extremely protective and fearless when it comes to defending your family or home. (also see ferret)

Whale Express yourself through your voice, be creative. It is time for a great spiritual expansion. Conserve your energy by surrounding yourself with blue or white light. (also see blue whale, humpback whale, orca or killer whale)

White Buffalo Expect a miracle and keep faith. Your spirituality will now increase.

White Cockatoo You’ve just about to complete these difficult changes. Be as clear as possible in your communication.

White Horse You are very well protected from any negative or harsh psychic attacks. Let go of any shame or guilt that is a result of childhood conditioning.

White-tailed Deer You’re entering a time of plenty this is a great time to take some time off and relax.

Wildebeest Start making those changes you have been wanting to do, you are on a spiritual pilgrimage that will feed your soul. Use your senses when to move or retreat, shape-shift by using your body language, gestures, posture and voice. Dramatic and unexpected change is about to give you greater abundance and  clarity on your life’s purpose.

Wolf Valuable insights, new ideas and teachings are coming so pay attention. You’re being physically and spiritually protected so no need to fear.

Wolverine Be assertive and it is a time to be cautious. It is important to plan ahead. Satisfy your thirst for education, get yourself out into nature spend some time walking and meditate.

Wombat You have all the resources you need, speak up for yourself. Strive for you what you want but be detached from the outcome.

Wood Duck The more you accept yourself just as you are the more you open up to your true spiritual path.

Woodpecker A storm is brewing either physically or metaphorically but have faith you are well protected. It is a good time to do some drumming or rattling.

Zebra You are looking at things black or white and or all-in or nothing thinking which limits your choices. You’re about to discover some useful knowledge that has been hidden. This will come to you without seeking so simply be open to receiving it.