Wise Leader Spirit Messages

Wise Leader ?
Earth Medicine Messages…

You are a leader, you carry wisdom and radiance that inspires others. Even if you’re not always aware of the depth of wisdom within you, it’s emerging more than ever now. This is a time to step into your power and take the role of leadership. You are ready. It’s okay if you’re not completely sure at this time but make a decision anyway and go with it, it’s what a wise leader does.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom… knowledge is knowing what to do, wisdom is doing it.

When you pass, people won’t remember you for what you said, they will remember you for what you did.

These are timeless readings which means they are not attached to any specific date. It is my intention that you are receiving this message right when you are supposed to. Are you fulfilling your leadership role to the best of your capacity? If not, what’s stopping you? If you would like a personal reading with me, I am available by phone and in-person in the Sedona Arizona area. Please like and share! ? Rebekah