Prayer and Intention

Prayer is a good practice in any culture or religion. We pray to communicate to our Creator, Spirit or the forces that be that we may ask for help or just send our thanks and gratitude for what we have. Prayer raises our vibration through connecting with Source. Prayer is a thought, an intention, a dream, a desire a wish.

By James Redfield and The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy is made up of Twelve Spiritual Insights. The Eleventh Insight is the precise method through which we hold the vision. For centuries, religious scriptures, poems, and philosophies have pointed to a latent power of mind within all of us that mysteriously helps to affect what occurs in the future. It has been called faith power, positive thinking, and the power of prayer. We are now taking this power seriously enough to bring a fuller knowledge of it into public awareness. We are finding that this prayer power is a field of intention, which moves out from us and can be extended and strengthened, especially when we connect with others in a common vision. This is the power through which we hold the vision of a spiritual world and build the energy in ourselves, and in others, to make this vision a reality.

The Power of Prayer

In this level of consciousness, we become more purpose-driven and receptive to how those in the afterlife are lifting us up. We begin to comprehend the real nature of prayer and guided purpose. We realize that prayer works within the Karmic design. The more we are in alignment with the principle of giving — and our inner intuition to accurately help others — we will sense our heightened, creative power and see it working through our prayers. When we use this power for uplifting the spiritual consciousness of others, we draw more powerful people into our lives to uplift us. The key is discovering that affirmative prayer, practiced with the emotion of gratitude (it WILL happen), establishes the strongest faith validity.

Ancient Texts

There is an ancient language and a field of energy that connects us to that field through thought, emotion and feeling, not speaking.

  1. The feeling is the prayer
  2. We must feel as if our prayers have already been answered

When you make the two “Thought” and “Emotion” one, you will say to the mountain “mountain move away” and the mountain will move away. If the two (thought and emotion) make peace with each other in this one house (you) the mountain will move away. When you can marry your thought and your emotion into one single potent force, that is when you have the power to speak to the world. When you make the two become one in your heart, you create the feelings in our body.

So how do we do this? Have you ever heard “ask and you shall receive?” The asking is not done with the voice. To ask we must speak to the field (the divine matrix) in the language that the field recognizes. The field doesn’t recognize our voice, it recognizes the power in our hearts. Our hearts create magnetic electrical waves. that’s what the field recognizes.

Ask without hidden motive and judgment and you will be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by your desire that your gladness be full. Feel as if you already have what you want or what you want to experience has already happened.

Create the feeling in your heart as if the prayer is already answered.

You must make a future dream a present fact by assuming a feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from a place that has already happened.

Gratitude will also help create this feeling.

A Morning Gratitude Prayer by Rebekah Simpson

Thank you, Creator, for this new day. Another day to live. Thank you for a good night’s sleep, a warm bed, and this house that is provided for me.

Thank you for My family, please continue to protect them.

Thank you for my protection and for guiding me through signs in nature.

Thank you for all that I will experience today, may it bring me peace and happiness.

Thank you for any opportunities that I may have today to lift others up, to empower them and bring peace and joy into their lives.

When to Pray?

Anytime is a good time to pray. You don’t have to say your prayer out loud. A silent inner prayer is just as effective as a prayer said out loud. But when you have the opportunity, prayers are always best said so others can hear them.

Prayer is powerful and is amplified when praying in groups. You can pray for others to heal or get the guidance they need.

Happy Full Corn Moon September 20th 2021

Having healthy boundaries is always a good thing but this moon helps us dissolve fear-based boundaries that separate us from others, encouraging us to let our guard down and release our ego. In this vulnerable state, you can feel things more deeply, causing your level of sensitivity and empathy to rise. This full moon has the power to help you feel what someone else is feeling, helping you become a more loving and intuitive person. It opens us up to more compassion and understanding. As we move into fall, the equinox happening in just two days, take time to reflect on everything you are grateful for this past year. Reflect on your accomplishments and in preparation for the wintertime where we spend more time going within, we can dream up what we would like to accomplish in the future.

Dark Night of the Soul

The term originated from a 16th-century priest who wanted his congregation to follow Christ in a different way and they rejected him and threw him in a dark hole. While he was in there he wrote a poem titled, “dark night of the soul.” Eventually, the congregation ended up taking him out of the hole and canonizing him as a saint.

Dark night of the soul represents a feeling that you’ve lost everything and you don’t even know how you are anymore.

You might be experiencing a dark night of the soul if you are experiencing any of these:

Addictions (alcohol, gambling, sex, prescription meds, etc.)
Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern)
Anger and hatred toward self and/or others
Blocked memory
Confusion or lack of direction
Emotionally unavailable or withdrawn
Guilt or shame
Lack of motivation to live life or suicidal thoughts
Lack of purpose
Negative beliefs (Example: everybody lies, people are stupid or I’m not good enough)
Physical pain
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Unable to receive or give love
Weight gain

Situations that can cause dark night of the soul:

An accident
Divorce or separation
Extreme fear
Job loss
Lack of understanding
Loss of a loved one
Negative influence
Neglected as a child
Prolonged Stress

Once we are able to identify that we are in fact experiencing some type of dark night of the soul then we can begin to understand why it’s happening and what we need to do to heal from it.

Soul retrieval is an emotional healing technique that can help you heal from a dark night experience… learn more about soul retrieval.

New beginnings always follow a dark night of the soul moment. We grow, heal or learn something from the experience. Shead the ego. Spiritual awakening. Become our true authentic selves.

Mindful Money Management

The Money Management exercise can help us gain better control over finances and developed a better money mindset. This exercise is for those who would like to sharpen their money management skills and develop a more mindful relationship with their money.

Financial success starts in the mind. We have to decide first what we want to add to our lives with the money we make. Next, we have to believe that we deserve what we want and know that it is possible to achieve. Once we decide that it is worth the energy and attention, we need to visualize it as if it were already ours. Then, so long as we are willing to pay the price to get it, we will see our rewards with perseverance and time. It is important to be mindful and go through the conscious stages of gaining wealth. Without mindfulness, it can be easy to get caught up in the mind thinking we cannot or will not gain what we deserve.

The first steps to becoming wealthy are to identify and replace any negative beliefs we may have about money. It’s odd to think that anybody has negative beliefs about wealth but in many cases, people do. These kinds of beliefs may have been programmed into our subconscious minds. You may have heard: “Money doesn’t grow on trees. “, “Money is the root of all evil.” or “You have to have money to make money.” These messages, heard from early childhood, are wrong and can actually sabotage us later in our financial success.

Example: Here are three steps that can help us turn around our limiting beliefs about money:

Write down all your limiting beliefs about money…

Example: Money is the root of all evil.
Challenge, make fun of and argue with your limiting beliefs.

Example: Money is the root of awesome vacations!
Create a positive turnaround statement.

Example: Money can help create more fun in my life

Use the power of releasing to accelerate your millionaire mindset. Whenever you have a negative thought about money, use the following exercise to release it.

Preparation: Have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

One Minute Meditation: Take a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths and center yourself.

Begin the Session: Answer the following questions…

  1. What am I feeling right now? Focus on the feeling that arises as you experience your negative limiting belief.
  2. Do I want to welcome and allow this feeling? Experience the feeling whole-heartedly, acknowledge it and let it be. Our tendency is to ignore negative thoughts and feelings, but doing so tends to keep them around even longer.
  3. Can I let this feeling go? Ask yourself this question, yes and no are acceptable answers.
  4. Will I let it go? Ask yourself if you are willing to let this go. Would you rather have this feeling or would you rather be free from it?
  5. When will I let it go? This is the last invitation to let it go now. Remember that letting go is a decision that you can make any time you choose.

Keep using this exercise every time you have a negative or limiting tough about money until you feel free of that particular feeling.

Visualize what you want as if you already have it. Take the time each day to see all of your financial goals as already being accomplished. Visualize images that affirm your desired outcome. See the check you want with whatever big numbers you want on it. See the people handing you the cash! Visualize what you want your bank statement to look like. Finally, remember to always include the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for having any financial abundance. This feeling will attract more abundance to you.

Become aware of your spending. Most people aren’t aware of what they spend in a month. The following exercise can help us become more aware of what we spend per month.

Get a journal or notepad and write down how much you earn per month. What is your total monthly income?

Now make a list of all of your monthly expenses such as your mortgage or rent, car payment, insurance, electricity, gas, water, sewer, phone, internet, cable, food, fuel, etc. Average the amount spent on each of these things each month. Keep a detailed record of spending for the whole of the month then compare to your estimates and adjust accordingly.

Make a note of everything you spent money on.

Now put a star next to your needs. These are the things you have to have.

Put a question mark next to the things that were more of a want than a need. These are the things that you have more of a choice on.

How much money did you have left over? Did you put any in savings?

Is there something you would like to buy or do?

How much money would you have to save for it?

How much money could you put in savings, if you saved over time, each month?

Realistically, if you saved this much per month, when could you buy or do it?

Are you willing to use this exercise and keep track of your spending per month?

Create an action plan: What action are you willing to take? Write it down.

Developing your Intuition

What is intuition? It is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. Intuition can also be described as our sixth sense, inner voice, gut feeling, and inner knowing. It is the core of inner guidance where good decision-making comes from. It can come in the form of a thought or a feeling or both. We are all born with intuition. It is a completely natural part of who we are. Why don’t we listen to it? How do we develop it and learn to trust it?

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap of consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.” –Albert Einstein

Gut Feelings
Have you ever had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen but you couldn’t quite figure out where it was coming from or for some reason you just all of a sudden feel nauseous or sick?

Following your gut instinct is also a manner in which your intuition is trying to direct you. For example, you’re about to go to an event with a friend and something just doesn’t feel right. You’re not quite sure why but you listen to the feeling and stay home. You’re glad you did because later that night, your friend calls and says that she didn’t end up going either because she got a flat tire and spent most of the night waiting for help. It also just so happens that she was going to pick you up. Listen to that gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. At the very least, use your gut feelings to protect and keep yourself safe. On the other hand, if you get a feeling that you shouldn’t do something and you do it anyway, it could just result in something that will set you back or create more stress.

Intuitive Insight
Our intuition also will send us quick thoughts which may sound like a voice in your head. “Slow down” or “Wait.”  These are thoughts that appear to come out of nowhere but have important information, direction, and guidance for you. With so many distractions today, it is easy to disregard your intuition, but if you can practice by paying more attention to it, then it can be a very valuable source of guidance.

Trust Your Intuition

For most of us, our childhood conditioning trained us to look outside of ourselves for answers and solutions to everything. Few of us learned how to look inside and trust our intuition and gut feeling. Everyone was born with intuition and has at one time experienced it. Have you ever thought of someone and the phone rings and it’s them? Have you ever had a thought and it came true almost instantly? That’s your intuition at work. Most of us just dismiss it as coincidence, but if we begin to look and acknowledge it more, we can use it to achieve great levels of success.

How to develop your intuition

Meditation is one of the most popular and effective ways to develop your intuition. When we allow the mind to become still and quiet, we make space for answers to emerge from within us. Regular meditation or sitting in silence can help clear out distractions and allow creative solutions to spontaneously come into our awareness. This is best practiced in nature, by a stream or in another quiet and relaxing place.

Return to Turtle Island Project

The “Return to Turtle Island” project is an ancestral educational recovery and retreat center.

The project will include replica structures and a simulation of the way our ancestors would have lived hundreds of years ago.

Turtle Island is the original name of North America according to many indigenous Native American tribes.

Discover ancestral teachings, healing, and ceremony. Retreat in a safe environment where you will reconnect with nature and learn how to get back to the basics and develop a new love for the simple things in life that matter the most. Sit around a campfire and listen to the elders speak as they share stories and wisdom from the past. You just might enjoy live storytelling a lot more than what you will find scrolling on Facebook.

No drama, no media, no government, no money, only love, community, family and building relationships and trust.

Learn indigenous crafts including how to make pottery, baskets, clothing and textiles, basic leatherwork, beadwork, weapons, hunting supplies, cooking tools and techniques, games, basic living necessities and more.

Learn basic gardening skills, hunting, gathering herbs and medicines, preparing for winter and basic shelter making. Eat live indigenous food from the area including prickly pear, agave, yucca, juniper berries, mesquite pods, corn, squash, beans and so much more!

The Return to Turtle Island project is designed specifically for those wanting to learn more about how our ancestors lived. The community is free of modern technology, electricity, electronics, drugs, and alcohol.

It’s a safe place to heal from the fast world and learn the old ways of our ancestors, a concept that returns back to a time before European settlers arrived. The idea now is to embrace all as one tribe and teach others how to live in balance with each other and all life within mother earth.


It is Rebekah’s dream, vision, purpose, and mission to create this at this time. She has felt a deep calling for many years. Every time she visits ancestral sites she stops and listens to the wind… It’s the ancestors telling her to return to the old ways. Every time she visits these ancient sites, they speak to her giving her more and more insight and information into how they lived and what we need to do now.


Why now? The world has fallen out of balance. There are many things that have caused this and it all started not too long ago. It’s not too late to return to ancestral ways. Do it for the preservation of ancestral knowledge, songs, dances, stories, and culture.


Current status of this project: Collecting donations and searching for property. (Hoping for 40 acres or more)

Location: To be announced somewhere in Northern Arizona

Facilities will include:

Main office/only building with solar power. This is where all electronics will be kept. Limited access
A few small structures for guests to stay for their retreat. Structures will include a bed, bathtub, compostable toilet, wood stove. All heat and cooking will be done on a real fire.
Indoor community room
Outdoor community area with cooking grill and fire pit
Quiet room/library/meditation (indoor)
Healing Rooms
Two Moons Lodge (main house)
Community Garden
Animal Barn/Horse corral and stables, goats, chickens
Medicine Wheel
Ceremonial Teepee


Are you interested in supporting this project? There are many ways you can help!

Donate funds, land, physical help, or any other service you can offer.

Contact Rebekah to learn how you can help!

Wise Leader Spirit Messages

Wise Leader 🪶
Earth Medicine Messages…

You are a leader, you carry wisdom and radiance that inspires others. Even if you’re not always aware of the depth of wisdom within you, it’s emerging more than ever now. This is a time to step into your power and take the role of leadership. You are ready. It’s okay if you’re not completely sure at this time but make a decision anyway and go with it, it’s what a wise leader does.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom… knowledge is knowing what to do, wisdom is doing it.

When you pass, people won’t remember you for what you said, they will remember you for what you did.

These are timeless readings which means they are not attached to any specific date. It is my intention that you are receiving this message right when you are supposed to. Are you fulfilling your leadership role to the best of your capacity? If not, what’s stopping you? If you would like a personal reading with me, I am available by phone and in-person in the Sedona Arizona area. Please like and share! 💕 Rebekah

Animal Totems, Power Animals and Animal Messages

When we are seeking more balance and answers in life, we may call upon the animal spirit guides as the Ancestors once did.
Have you ever wondered why a stray dog wandered into your yard, or a hawk flew past just in front of you as you were driving? Do you collect pictures or figurines of pigs, dolphins, or frogs? These are all gentle messages from the animal spirit world offering you their medicine, insight, and clarity to your daily tasks and challenges.

“In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn.. all things tell of Tirawa.” – Eagle Chief (Letakots-Lesa) Pawnee


You are born with a Totem Animal according to the time of year you were born. A Power Animal can be your Totem Animal or it can come to you later in life. A Power Animal can be with you for a short time or your entire life. To receive an Animal Message means that this particular animal is trying to get your attention to share insight, direction, or a message with you to assist you on your path.


A power animal is one that will come and stay with you for longer than just a moment. They know you really need their help at this time in your life and they are they to see you through it. Sometimes they stay for life.

Birth Date/Totem Animal/Clan/Direction/Element/Season/Life Cycle/Color/Herb/Other

Dec 21-Jan 19 Snow Goose/Buffalo/North/Wind/Winter/Elder/White/Cedar/Mental
Jan 20-Feb 18 Otter/Buffalo/North/Wind/Winter/Elder/White/Cedar/Mental
Feb 19-Mar 20 Wolf or Cougar/Buffalo/North/Wind/Winter/Elder/White/Cedar/Mental
Mar 21-Apr 20 Hawk/Eagle/East/Fire/Spring/Infant/Yellow/Tobacco/Spiritual
Apr 21-May 20 Beaver/Eagle/East/Fire/Spring/Infant/Yellow/Tobacco/Spiritual
May 21-Jun 20 Deer/Eagle/East/Fire/Spring/Infant/Yellow/Tobacco/Spiritual
Jun 21-Jul 21 Woodpecker/Coyote/South/Earth/Summer/Child/Red/Sweetgrass/Physical
Jul 22-Aug 21 Salmon/Coyote/South/Earth/Summer/Child/Red/Sweetgrass/Physical
Aug 22-Sep 22 Bear/Coyote/South/Earth/Summer/Child/Red/Sweetgrass/Physical
Sep 23-Oct 22 Crow or Raven/Bear/West/Water/Fall/Adult/Black/Sage/Emotional
Oct 23-Nov 21 Snake/Bear/West/Water/Fall/Adult/Black/Sage/Emotional
Nov 22-Dec 20 Elk or Owl/Bear/West/Water/Fall/Adult/Black/Sage/Emotional

There may be variances depending on different tribes. We recommend you research both, then you will know which one is you! The astrological animal may not be your own personal totem animal. Use it instead as an additional helper.

Snow Goose: The large white snow goose travels great lengths, some as far as 5,000 miles, during its yearly migrations to and from its nesting grounds in the North Arctic. As a totem, Snow Goose people will often go to great lengths to make their aspirations a reality. They have clear ambitions, and their imaginative minds, strong determination, sheer energy, and bubbling enthusiasm can make the seemingly impossible become attainable for them. Their persistence and determination often make them successful at attaining long-term goals that they have set out for themselves. Snow Geese will spend hours picking insects off of each other. Snow Goose people will often do ordinary things extremely well, sometimes to the point of perfection. These perfectionists can also sometimes be nitpickers, letting small and insignificant matters bother and frustrate them. When they feel that they’re not getting their goals accomplished quickly enough, or they perceive an obstacle, even a minor one, in their path, Snow Goose people often have a tendency to become despondent and depressed. Snow geese travel in large flocks, sometimes numbering in the thousands. Like their totem, Snow Geese people are usually very social and enjoy being in the company of others.

Otter: Otters are known for their playfulness, and thus, Otter people are friendly, playful, and love to have fun. Like their totem, Otter people are usually very helpful, considerate, and compassionate towards others and are often involved in charitable activities. They are very giving and throughout their lives, they will spend a great deal of their energy working to benefit the Earth and its inhabitants. Otters have a strong sense of family and are very passionate and devoted to their loved ones, and will mourn the loss of a mate for a long time. They love being parents, and are exceptionally good at it, and are very nurturing towards their cubs. Otter cubs stay with their parents for much longer than those of most other wild animals. Just like their animal totem, Otter people are also usually very devoted and loving towards their families and may have difficulty letting go of their children when they decide to move out into the world and be on their own. Otters are great organizers and keep their living areas very neat and tidy. Otter people are just the same and will often feel ill at ease and uncomfortable if their living and working environments are not clean and orderly. Otters are intelligent, creative, and inventive. As they float in the water on their backs, they place a rock on their tummies to use as a tool to crack open their shellfish dinners. And you can bet that Otter people are just as intelligent, creative, and inventive as their totem animal.

Wolf: The Native Americans regarded the wolf as intellect in both mind and spirit, a keeper of knowledge, and a great teacher, as well as a guide to the sacred. Those born during the Big Winds Moon are most often intellectuals, like their totem, and are usually hunters of knowledge, especially with regards to philosophy, religion, and anything else that they feel might bring meaning and purpose into their lives. Like the wolf, they are often very good with handling children and make excellent teachers. Wolf people are usually quite intuitive, and can often quickly discern the intentions and attitudes of others, even when they are hidden. Both wolves and Wolf people have a need to have a well-defined territory. For Wolf people, this territory not only includes their home and workspaces but also their relationships with others. Wolves are very social animals and companionship is important to them. Usually, they partner for life. And so it is too for the people with this totem. Wolf people are usually quite sensitive and, for them, a break-up can be devastating. These people often have difficulty handling their emotions. They feel vulnerable if they express them too freely, yet become depressed when their emotions are repressed. Their emotional imbalance may cause difficulties in their relationships.

Hawk: Like the falcon, people born during this moon are fearless hunters, always in search of something new. New places, new experiences, and new ideas are their prey. These people, like their totem, have the ability to reach great heights, though sometimes, however, they can lack the patience, concentration, or persistence to be able to see things through to the end. Although they begin each new endeavor with great enthusiasm, they can easily get bored or distracted and, therefore, will quickly change directions and leap onto the next new thing that comes along, leaving the other endeavor behind never to be finished. They may have a whole trail of unfinished projects behind them. To combat their tendency towards boredom, Falcon people may have several different projects going on all at once. Even so, they may still eventually lose interest in all of them and dive into something new that piques their interest. Falcon people, therefore, are often good at starting things, but not so good at finishing them.

Beaver: People who have Beaver as a totem are hard workers. Just like a busy beaver, they keep themselves busy whether it is at work, or at home, or at play. They have no trouble keeping themselves occupied. Even when it seems that there is nothing that needs to be done, Beaver people are creative and will always find something to do, even if it is just changing, adjusting, tweaking, or rearranging things that they have already done. Keeping busy helps to make Beaver people feel comfortable and content as well as giving them a sense of security. Beaver people are also persevering and patient and so, if they have their minds set on something, they usually end up getting what they want. They are quick to learn and are readily adaptable to new things, though they also have a tendency to want to make things fit themselves rather than the other way around. Sometimes so much so, that it may get to the point where they end up reorganizing the lives of those around them. But they usually don’t do so selfishly, but rather with the intention of it benefiting all those around them as well as themselves.

Deer: Deer people are fast-movers on every level. Not only do they move fast physically, but they also talk fast, think fast, and their emotions tend to change quickly. Due to all of their fast-moving, they are likely to often bound from one topic to another, from one idea to another, and from one project to another, many times failing to accomplish what they had set out to do. They are resourceful, however, and have an eye for beauty, and so they are capable of making something beautiful out of something simple. Deer people often have a short attention span, as well as a tendency to interrupt conversations because their minds are always racing, a part of the conversation might set their thoughts off on a tangent, and then they will want to express those thoughts immediately, thereby not allowing the person who was speaking to finish what they were saying. However, they are also intuitive and sensitive and are usually compassionate and understanding of others. Deer people often have an uncontrollable wild side to them which can sometimes make it difficult for others to understand them and for them to even understand themselves. With all of their fast-moving and occasional wildness, Deer people are often unorganized and easily lose track of time.

Woodpecker: To Native Americans, the rhythmic pecking of the woodpecker reminded them of the sound of the shaman’s drum. The people who have Woodpecker as a totem also tend to be musically inclined. The Natives say that the woodpecker not only did its pecking out of necessity in the search for food but that they also pecked for the sheer joy of it. Woodpecker, then, as a totem can teach people how to feel and express joy. Woodpeckers take great care in building their nest and raising their young, and so too do those with this totem. Woodpecker people find their greatest joy in building a comfortable, harmonious, and happy home for themselves and their children. They are usually excellent parents, and sometimes have difficulty with letting go of their children when it is time for them to leave the nest. lose relationships are important to Woodpecker people, and they can become very unhappy or even bitter if they do not have someone towards whom to direct their love, energy, and devotion.

Salmon: The salmon is a symbol of strength and longevity to Native Americans. Salmon swim upstream to get to their spawning grounds so they have the strength to swim against the current and the ability to survive despite hard times, and so do those whose birth totem is Sturgeon. Salmon are very graceful swimmers, causing very little disturbance as they move through the water. Water is the element of the emotions, and so it is one of Salmons people’s life tasks to learn to master their emotions and to swim gracefully through their lives causing little friction or disturbance. Salmon people can be resistant to change which can cause them a great amount of emotional upset. Demands that are put on them by others can also be a source of emotional upset and a lot of stress for Sturgeon people.

Bear: Brown Bears are independent and self-reliant, and so too are those whose birth totem is Brown Bear. These people are usually slow in acclimating themselves to change, and will often retreat to their dens for a time, where they can feel comfortable and secure within the familiar. Brown bear people are constructive and have a knack for fixing just about anything, from repairing a broken down car to mending a torn relationship. These people are usually quite gentle, like their totem animal, and handle their relationships with much tenderness and understanding. The Native peoples regarded the Brown Bear as a dreamer. People with this totem often love to daydream and have a vivid imagination. Sometimes they can get so wrapped up in their daydream that they become unable to distinguish it from their physical reality, which may cause others to think that they are liars.

Raven: Ravens and crows like to be together in numbers. They travel together, eat together, and live together. Raven people have this trait as well, preferring the company of others to being alone and on their own. They feel the happiest and most secure when they are with others. They work best when they are in a group and are extremely loyal to any group that they are a part of, and like the Raven, they are always ready to defend it when necessary. Like the birds, these people are often cautious and wary which may make it difficult for them to make decisions. They are often indecisive and slow to make up their minds, preferring instead to remain neutral rather than to choose one side or one thing over another. However, once they have made a decision, they will act on it with conviction. Since ancient times, the Raven and Crow have been associated with magic and mystery, and have been regarded as the guardian of secrets. Almost like magic, Raven people often have an uncanny ability to turn their wants and desires into realities. They are also usually very good at being discreet and keeping secrets.

Snake: Because of its ability to periodically shed its skin, the snake represents transformation, change, and renewal. And those born with Snake as their birth totem are inclined to shed their skins by way of making dramatic, and sometimes drastic, changes in their lives from time to time, letting go of their current ties and attachments and starting again anew. They may make sudden decisions such as to quit their job, or change their occupation, or sell their house, or move to a new city, or totally reinvent themselves. Sometimes, however, they make these changes at inopportune times, thereby causing unnecessary upset and suffering to themselves as well as to others. Change isn’t necessarily always easy for Snake people, but they are adaptable to anything that is new to them. For Snake people, their lives are usually a lifelong transformation. They may start out making changes that are for purely selfish reasons. As the Snake person goes through life, their selfish changes will usually eventually transform into more constructive changes that benefit not only themselves but others as well. Snake people may also start out as insensitive and hurtful towards others, but then their ability to wound will usually turn into the ability to heal. Snake people can be especially helpful to those suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse.

Owl: Owls have large eyes and keen eyesight which enables them to see and catch their prey in the darkness of night. Owl people are very observant as well with very little escaping their attention. They have a keen eye for detail as well as a deep insight into whatever they find of interest or importance. The owl is associated with hidden wisdom and the Moon, which is the light that shines through the darkness. Owl people usually have very good intuition, and may often find that they become aware of certain things before it becomes obvious to others. Though they are drawn to the esoteric and mysterious, they are usually able to keep themselves grounded in practical reality. From time to time, Owl people may feel the urge to disappear into the darkness like their totem animal. They may become quiet and withdrawn, and may even feel the need to be alone and will thus avoid being in the company of others. They may even suddenly break away from a situation or project in which they have been deeply involved. Because of their sudden withdrawal, Owl people may appear to others as antisocial. They might be and feel misunderstood by others and, during these times, may inadvertently hurt the feelings of those around them.


The Spirit Keepers are Spirit Beings responsible for teaching us the power of their respective Directions. When we are born, the Great Spirit assigns a particular one to us, like a Guardian Angel, to Guide, Teach, Protect us, and to serve as a Team Leader. There are lessons for us to learn from ALL of the Spirit Keepers. Each animal also has its place on the Medicine Wheel…

Of the North Wind is The Sacred Buffalo (Dec 21 and Mar 20)
The Power of Buffalo is renewal and purity. It is new life enclosed in death, new growth protected in rest. The Season of Buffalo is Winter, whether that “season” is about the time of year, the time in a person’s life cycle, or the time-phase of an idea. The animal totem of Buffalo is also White Buffalo, whose Medicine is Prayer and Abundance. The color totem is White (purity, balance). The time of day represented is Night.

Of the East Fire is The Eagle (Mar 21 and Jun 20)
The Power of Eagle is illumination and wisdom. The Season of Eagle is Spring, a time of awakening from Winter rest, a time of vitality, purity-of-energy. The animal totem is Eagle, whose Medicine is Spirit. The color totems are red (vital energy) and gold (enlightenment). The time of day represented is Morning.

Of the South Earth is The Coyote (Jun 21 and Sept 22)
The Power of Coyote is growth and trust. The Season of Coyote is Summer, a time of rapid growth, maturing, testing wisdom and helping it to grow. The animal totem is Coyote, whose Medicine is Trickster.  Some believe that the South Direction animal totem is Mouse, whose Medicine is Scrutiny. The totem colors are green (growth, healing) and yellow (intelligence, natural wisdom). The time of day represented is Mid-Day.

Of the West Water is The Bear (Sep 23 and Dec 20)
Also Chief Council of all Spirit Keepers, and whose Power is strength and introspection. The Season of Bear is Autumn, a time of strength gained from knowing yourself, a time of stability. The animal totem is Grizzly Bear, who is also Chief Counsel of all Animal Totems, and whose Medicine is Introspection. The totem colors are blue (spiritual strength) and black (looking within). The time of day represented is Evening.


This usually happens when we are least expecting it. It’s when a particular animal really comes into your awareness and undividedly gets your attention. Here are some examples…

A bird is very close to you and makes some kind of noise. Or an eagle, hawk or raven are circling just above you.

Someone walks up to you with their dog of some kind of pet.

You see some kind of wild animal out in nature

A bee lands on you

A butterfly passes you

You see a skunk

You dream of a particular animal

You call upon one in a shamanic journey or one just shows up

The animals are always trying to give us guidance, direction and subtle messages. Most of the time we are too busy and not paying attention. A long time ago, it was said that we humans use to talk to the animals on a regular basis. Since then, we have become more disconnected. But some of us are remembering through our DNA memory.

There are so many different ways these animals are trying to give you a message. When you see them, stop and pay attention to them, talk to them. Ask them what message they are trying to share with you. Now just because you see a bird flyS by or an ant crawLS across the sidewalk doesn’t mean you are “getting a message.” But if the bird lands near you and looks at you, or the ant crawls on you and stings you, then you could be receiving a message. Also, some Native Americans believe that when you get bitten or stung by the animal then it is sharing its medicine with you and to say thank you.


There are a couple of ways to do a reading.

Intuitively sit with your client and trust what image or energy of an animal comes to you. Then you can describe their meaning and ask them how it applies to their life.

Do a Shamanic Journey for your client to receive a power animal.

Do a card reading using any of the Animal Medicine card decks.

Some of the best card decks are:

The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals Hardcover by Jamie Sams

Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

How to read the animal medicine cards for yourself and others

Get into a comfortable and quiet space, in or outdoors. Smudge and clear the energy of the cards, yourself, your client and the space around you. Ask your Spirit guides and/or your clients Spirit guides to be present for the duration of the session. Have your client shuffle the cards, then hold them to their heart and ask their spirit guides to show them the message they need to hear. Then have your client pick one to three cards, however many they feel they need to pick. Then one by one you can help them interpret the card by first asking them to describe what it means to them. Then you can read the passage from the book provided.


A quick reference guide to the messages and teachings of the animal kingdom. Animal messages are different from animal totems or power animals.

Click here for an alphabetical list of all animals

The Truth is Inside You! Look Within…

According to an ancient legend, there was a time when ordinary people had all the access to the knowledge of the gods. Yet, even with this access, time and again they ignored this wisdom. One day the gods grew tired of so freely giving this unused gift to the people that they decided to hide this precious wisdom where only the most committed of seekers would discover it. They believed that if people had to work to find this wisdom, they would use it more carefully. One of the gods suggested they bury it deep within the earth. “No,” the other said, “too many people could easily dig down and find it.” Then another one of the gods suggested, “Let’s put it in the deepest ocean,” but that idea was also rejected. They knew that people would one day learn to dive and thus would find it too easily. One of the gods then suggested hiding it on the highest mountaintop, but it was quickly agreed that people could climb mountains. Finally, one of the wisest gods suggested hiding it deep inside the people themselves. They’ll never think to look there. And so it came to be.

Hawk Animal Spirit Messages

Choose your priorities! Focus and eliminate all distractions.

Once you decide on something to give your passionate attention to, the right action will become immediately apparent.

You have everything you need to get started.

As you recognize distractions, set strong personal boundaries to protect your energy and keep your focus. Most people allow distractions to stop them from living a life of passion. There are so many distractions all around us at all times, it is up to us how we will respond to them.

You have a unique gift and service you can offer the world… and the world is waiting for you to share it!

Take a moment now to write down all the things you’ve been wanting to do. Then narrow it down to your top three. As you look at your top three, you may see how they related. Now, of the three, choose one that you can begin to give your full attention to and stay focused on that with undivided attention and passion.

Please feel free to share your number one priority!

Bullying and Standing in you Personal Power

How do you handle bullying?

Is it easier to just walk away and tell everyone else what you wanted to say to them, or tell them in the moment then walk away?

A proven formula for confronting bullying without confrontation:

  1. State what you noticed them doing to you.
  2. Let them know how it makes you feel.
  3. Ask them why they are doing it.

In this way, you are approaching the bully with concern instead of anger and you will be more likely to have a better outcome.

Anger is an expression of fear and will only create resistance.

Concern is a form of compassion and will help you be able to find resolution much faster.

Resistance or Resolution?

Victim or Victor?

If you are experiencing any type of bullying and want to learn more, I am here for you!

The Story of “Two Dogs”

You may have heard about the “Battle Between two Wolves” story, but have you heard about the story of “Two Dogs”?

There is a story they tell of two dogs, both walk into the same room at separate times. One comes out happy and wagging his tail while the other comes out angry and growling. A woman watching this goes into the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and the other so mad. To her surprise, she finds a room full of mirrors. The Happy dog saw a thousand happy dogs looking back at him and this made him very happy while the angry dog saw only angry dogs growling back at him.

What we see in the world around us is only a reflection of who we are. In this situation, they are only reflecting something back to us that we need to heal. Although they can reflect back to us in many other ways.

Do you or someone you know have anger issues? No one chooses to be angry. Its a form of self-protection. A coping skill that has been developed over time.

Anger is a universal problem. It is not limited to one age group, culture, race, economic level, social status, educational background, or any other classification.

Unresolved anger is one of the main contributing factors to the destruction of marriages, the breakdown of families, and the weakening of communities. It is a major cause of health problems and a lack of productivity in the workplace, and it is a common denominator among juvenile delinquents.

Anger is a serious problem. What causes it? The root cause of a spirit of anger is tension from past hurts and guilt. This mixture of pain and guilt is cumulative and it erupts in anger when new offenses remind us of past experiences.

Most people assume that hurtful events in the past will be forgotten and will have no effect on the future. That is not true. Past hurts do not just go away, nor does guilt simply disappear after a wrong response to a situation. Unless these experiences are resolved through repentance and forgiveness, we will continue to experience bouts of anger when our tension points are triggered.

Solution: A soul retrieval session can help you look at the root cause and heal it from its point of origin.

Your Attention is a Gift

If you don’t like something, just take away its only power… your attention!

Whatever we give our attention to will manifest more of in our lives. Today, pay attention to who and what you are giving your attention to. If it makes you feel empowered then you are giving your attention in the right direction, if it makes you feel disempowered then stop giving it your attention.

Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Life is continuously providing us with messages and information. When we do not listen, then the messages become lessons. When we do not learn, the lessons become problems. When we do not address the problems, they become crises. When crises are left unresolved, they create chaos in our lives. Just imagine how life would be if we learn to live on the levels of messages and lessons.

A lesson will keep repeating itself until it is learned. Life first will send the lesson to you in the size of a pebble, if you ignore the pebble, then life will send you a brick. If you ignore the brick, life will send you a brick wall. If you ignore the brick wall, life will send you a demolition truck.

The Great Smoking Mirror Spirit Messages

The message of the great smoking mirror is that of reflections. This suggests that all life form is a mirror and that we all came from the original source. If we all saw each other as a unique expression of ourselves then there would be no need for judgment or war. Then we could learn a better understanding of compassion and forgiveness. Accept the light and the shadow equally. Even the shadow side of yourself will lead you through trial and error and reveal the true image of your authentic self.

Teachings of the Talking Stick Spirit Messages

Maybe this message is for you? The message of the Talking stick means to speak your truth. Communicate from your heart and share your reality without hesitation or fear of being judged or rejected. Be willing to stand before the crowd and share from your center. This isn’t the time to be shy or hesitant. It’s a time to heal through communication. You have the gift of a true leader through the way you communicate with others. You have a very important message inside you that others are just waiting to hear. Answer the call and share your message. In tribal council meetings, a talking stick would be passed around in honor of each individual‘s voice being heard. No one else was allowed to speak except for the one holding the talking stick. Imagine now that you are the one holding the talking stick. What if you now have the opportunity to share your message. What would you talk about?

Reaching Your Destination Spirit Messages

Your light is shining brightly!

All your hard work and effort is paying off. Glory triumph and success or yours. If you’ve given your power away, now is the time to reclaim it. It’s time to stand in your own light!

A destination is less of a place but more of a new way of seeing the world. Your dreams are moving to fruition. If you have any incomplete projects or unresolved relationships this is the time to complete them. This is an important part of reaching your destination. Take time to celebrate and acknowledge your successes in life.

The voyage was long and they were many adventures along the way but as your trek reaches the destination there’s a feeling of joy and celebration.

It’s important to stop and rest and congratulate yourself for who you are and for what you have done. The traveler forgives those, who on the voyage, were less than honorable release any feelings of resentment and fear and sadness that you may have gathered along the road.

You’ve reached your goal let everything else go you’re a majestic being who can bring light into the hearts of others. Celebrate and honor yourself. You are so worth it.

Ancestral and Generational Healing

Ancestral Healing is a powerful way to help you heal not only yourself but also your family.

This exercise will help you have a deeper understanding of generational curses and vows and how to heal them.

What is ancestral healing? Ancestral healing occurs when we ultimately heal some problem in our life. These problems could be caused by a generational curse or family karma.

What is a generational curse? A generational curse can be a spiritual, mental, physical or emotional problem or pattern that you and your family continue to repeat generation after generation.

Generational curses can go on for four generations but once the curse is broken, the blessings can go on for a thousand generations.

How do we inherit the curse and why does it keep happening to us? The curse can be caused by several things. These are things that your ancestors and relatives of the past including your Grandparents, your Mother, and your Father have done. The reason we are suffering from it is that it is passed down through our DNA and it is up to us to break it. Now, while you may not have committed any of the following crimes, you can still carry the vow of the curse. The top three reasons these courses affect us are:

  1. Trespass: Doing something against one’s will or without permission including them, their possessions or their land.
  2. Iniquity: A violation of Creator’s moral law, perversity and acting out really bad behavior.
  3. Sin: To knowingly act against divine law

What are some symptoms of these curses? Although there are many different curses, here are a few examples. Have you or any one of your family members experience any of these? Can you think of any others?

  • Failure, self-worth, pity, sorrow, victim
  • Poverty, lack, hunger, scarcity
  • Being very judgemental or critical of self and others, pointing fingers
  • Disease and illness
  • Premature death
  • Divorce, breaking relationships, searching from relationship to relationship and never being totally happy
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Any type of abuse, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual
  • Addictions, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling
  • Adultery
  • Violence
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal
  • Loneliness

How to remove, release, break any curse in your life and the lives of your family members for good!

You can do this at any time. I prefer to do it on a new/dark moon and can expect to see the miraculous results begin to happen of the full moon.

Ask your higher power “What do I have to do to be free of ________” or “What must I do to have ________ in my life?” Then just listen for the answers.

Next, in a prayer state or you can write these down and burn it.

  1. Admit or confess what you or a family member has done wrong. Get specific. Don’t leave anything out! Even admit things you may not even know about.
  2. Ask for forgiveness for yourself and for your family members.
  3. Believe! Have faith that things will change and feel the curse being lifted.

And so it is.

Hide the Truth Deep Within Them… They’ll Never Look There

According to an ancient legend, there was a time when ordinary people had all the access to the knowledge of the gods. Yet, even with this access, time and again they ignored this wisdom. One day the gods grew tired of so freely giving this unused gift to the people that they decided to hide this precious wisdom where only the most committed of seekers would discover it. They believed that if people had to work to find this wisdom, they would use it more carefully. One of the gods suggested they bury it deep within the earth. “No,” the other said, “too many people could easily dig down and find it.” Then another one of the gods suggested, “Let’s put it in the deepest ocean,” but that idea was also rejected. They knew that people would one day learn to dive and thus would find it too easily. One of the gods then suggested hiding it on the highest mountaintop, but it was quickly agreed that people could climb mountains. Finally, one of the wisest gods suggested hiding it deep inside the people themselves. They’ll never think to look there. And so it came to be. Believe in life coaching.

Smudging and Clearing

What is smudging or what does it mean to smudge?

The most common herb for smudging is sage. When we smudge we burn the herbs in an abalone shell or something similar. We wave the smoke all over our bodies and into our hearts then out into the rest of the word to pray and give thanks. Smudging may be used for many purposes including removing negative energy from a person, place or one’s home. If you are smudging a home or building, you would start first by opening all the windows and doors, then move in a clockwise direction making sure to wave the smoke in all the corners really good. In some Ancestral traditions, they would use an eagle feather to wave the smoke. It is said that the eagle would carry our prayers to Creator because the eagle is the one who can fly highest into the sky. The story also says that the eagle could fly so high up that it burnt the tips of its wings when it touched the sun.


Put some dry loose sage in a shell and activate it with fire. Once the sage is well lit, blow out the flame and let the sage begin to create smoke. Waive it with your hand or a feather. Cup it with your hands and wash it over your head and down your body. Cup some more smoke and put it into your heart area.

There are several different types of smudging depending on what your goal is.

  • Smudging to clear negative energy. If there is any form of negative energy in a person, group, home, workplace, land or particular place, you can smudge to clear the negative energies away. When smudging a space, first open all the doors and windows so that any negative energy may escape. Start at the front door and work your way sun-wise around the space until you come back to the front door. If you smudge your home daily in the morning, you will start to feel it becoming more and more clear.
  • Smudging before ceremony. The intention of smudging before ceremony or working with a client is to enter the session with a clean, clear and open state of mind where both the client and the practitioner can become present and let go of any expectations in order to receive the best possible outcome.
  • Smudging and prayer. Also a good practice is to smudge while praying. The smoke is said to carry our prayers up to the creator.
  • Clearing your energy after working with a client. It is a good practice to clear your own energy before and after a session with your client.
  • Clearing crystals and physical objects. You can clear your crystals regularly by smudging them. Other ways of clearing crystals include laying out under the full moon for three nights. The night before, the night of, and the night after. You can also run water over them or bathe them in a stream. Laying them out in full sunlight is also a common practice. You can also smudge to clear physical objects whether they are new or used. This is just a safe practice to clear any possible negative energies that were previously attached to the item.


Cedar: Used for protection

Copal or Pine Sap: Copal is actually a resin but very commonly used in the purification lodge.

Deer Tongue: Burned to inspire luck and love.

Lavender: Promotes spiritual healing, tranquility, higher consciousness, release energy blocks, release tension, calming. Lavender is also used for purification and promoting love.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo also know as “Holy Wood” is a native tree of Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela that inhabits South America. It is also found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and on the Galápagos Islands. Palo santo may be burned, similar to incense. In Peru, a shaman, or medicine man, reportedly lights palo santo sticks and the rising smoke will enter the “energy field” of ritual participants to “clear misfortune, negative thought-prints, and bad spirits.

Sage: Used for prayer and purification. Clearing energy.

Sweetgrass: Invites the good spirits to come. Also burned when something good happens to show gratitude to the good spirits. Sweetgrass braids are known to attract positive energy. Many Native tribes use sweetgrass in prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies and consider it a sacred plant. Just as sage is used to clear negativity, to cleanse, sweetgrass is used to bring positivity.
Sweetgrass represents positivity, strength, connection to the Creator and all our relations.
The scent when burned dry is sweet, reminiscent of our ancestors. When braided, sweetgrass represents love, peace and harmony or mind, body and spirit.

Special Mixes:

  • The Manifestation Mix: Sage, sweetgrass, deer tongue and cedar create an energizing atmosphere. Used to promote prayer in manifesting your desires.


To clear yourself:

  • Briefly immerse yourself in cold water.
  • Scoop up any negative energy with your hands and toss it into the sun.