Your Attention is a Gift

If you don’t like something, just take away its only power… your attention! Whatever we give our attention to will manifest more of in our lives. Today, pay attention to who and what you are giving your attention to. If it makes you feel empowered then you are giving your attention in the right direction,

Become a Soul Retrieval Specialist

In this training, you will learn how to help others heal deep emotional wounds that could be blocking them from experiencing happiness, peace, and balance in their lives today. Soul retrieval is an ancient technique used by indigenous tribes. It is a unique combination of life coaching and guided imagery. Life coaching is the art

Ancestral Healing in Sedona

Ancestral Healing is a powerful way to help you heal not only yourself but also your family. This exercise will help you have a deeper understanding of generational curses and vows and how to heal them. What is ancestral healing? Ancestral healing occurs when we ultimately heal some problem in our life. These problems could be caused

Smudging and Clearing

What is smudging or what does it mean to smudge? The most common herb for smudging is sage. When we smudge we burn the herbs in an abalone shell or something similar. We wave the smoke all over our bodies and into our hearts then out into the rest of the word to pray and