Example Life Coaching Session

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting.

Coach: Hi Amy, thank you for always showing up on time for our sessions. How are you today?

Client: Hey Nick, I’m good but I’m really having a hard time staying motivated at work. I’ve been there for about three years now and sometimes the challenges are so hard that I just wish I could leave.

Coach: Okay, is that what you would like to focus our coaching session on today? (Note when your client has something stuck on their mind: it may be a good practice to choose this to focus the session around. If not, ask the client what they would like to focus their session on that day)

Client: Yes, actually because I feel like it also affecting me in other areas of my life. I’ve been having problems at home, with my kids, my partner, and also have been having difficulty taking care of my own health.

Coach: Okay, I understand your concerns. Would you like to take a minute to just breathe and calm our minds before we begin?

Client: Yes, that sounds good.

Coach: Good then, let’s take a few slow deep breaths and feel our awareness of the present moment being fully integrated into our body. Take your time and let me know when you feel calm and relaxed.

Client: Wow, I feel better already.

Coach: Good, are you ready to begin the session now?

Client: Yes.

Coach: Okay, great. So what I heard you say was that you are having a hard time staying motivated at work and having challenges. Is that correct?

Client: Yes.

Coach: Okay, can you describe some of the challenges you are having?

Client: Sure, sometimes it seems like I can’t do anything right in the eyes of my boss and peers and they are always correcting me or questioning me. I can also feel their frustration and hear them talking about me.

Coach: Okay, can you share a specific example of something that happened recently?

Client: Well, just today my boss came in and told me that I needed to be following the exact protocol of the sales procedure and that everything listed on it was very important.

Coach: Okay, have you been following it as they describe?

Client: Well I thought I was but apparently not.

Coach: Did you explain this and ask your boss to be more specific?

Client: No, I just said okay and went back to work. I could feel the frustration and upset in his voice and I didn’t want to go there. Actually I didn’t even think to question him.

Coach: Okay, so when you started working there, did you get proper training on how to follow the protocol?

Client: Yes, but the person who trained me (my old boss) left about three months ago and we had a great relationship. She just let me do it how I wanted to as long as I made the sale.

Coach: Okay, so does it seem like the new boss has a different approach?

Client: Yes, he seems very strict on doing everything by the book. I think it’s annoying and ever since he got here I feel like I’ve been watched over like a hawk.

Coach: Did he have a proper meeting with you to get to know you and to explain how he wanted things to be?

Client: No, he just talks with others about me and it makes me uncomfortable.

Coach: Understandable. Now, would you be willing to ask your boss for a meeting so that you could get to know each other better and understand what is expected of you?

Client: Well, I guess I could but the thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Coach: Sure, but do you think it might help resolve your issue?

Client: Yes.

Coach: Okay great. Would you be willing to get out of your comfort zone to do this knowing that it could have a huge impact on your life?

Client: Yes, I do believe that if things were better at work it would make me happier at home and in the rest of my life.

Coach: Great observation. So when are you going to ask him for a meeting?

Client: I could do it on Monday.

Coach: Okay great. Now would you be open to a guided visualization to see how you would like the meeting to go?

Client: Sure.

Coach: Okay, close your eyes and see yourself walking into work Monday morning all dressed up and ready for the day. Now you are walking with confidence to your boss’s office to ask him for the meeting. He sees you and smiles and offers you to have a seat. You feel completely balanced and calm as you begin to explain your feeling with him. As he listens to you he realizes that he really likes you as a person and appreciates all you do. He actually apologizes for not being clearer about how he wants things to change and asks you to join him at the next managers meeting to share your insight. He feels like you could help them better understand what they need to do to make things run more smoothly in the future. After all you are one of the leading sales associates in the company. You accept with gratitude and thank him for his time and meeting with you. Now see yourself walking out of his office and down the hall with a huge smile and a new boost of confidence. When you are ready go ahead and open your eyes keeping this feeling with you.

Client: Wow that was great. I hope it really goes like that in real life.

Coach: Well, do you think it is possible?

Client: Yes, it could be.

Coach: Okay great. Would you be willing to follow-up with me after the meeting to let me know how it went?

Client: Sure! I look forward to it.

Coach: Great, now on a scale of one to ten, ten being very satisfied with this session, how would you rate our session today?

Client: I would say a ten. Thank you!

Coach: Great, and you are most welcome. Thank you again for your time and willingness to meet with me today and I look forward to hearing from you.

Client: You’re welcome, have a great weekend.

Another variation of this would be to go deeper into her problem of not being able to do anything right in the eyes of her boss and peers and they are always correcting her or questioning her. The reason this keeps happening is that she has had some type of trauma even mild trauma from her childhood that created this pattern. It could be that her mother or older sister for example may have always ridiculed her and told her she will never do anything right by always correcting her. In this case, your client would most likely benefit from a soul retrieval.

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