Guided Imagery “Vision”

This guided imagery exercise is designed to help you clarify your vision and goals. When we are clear on our vision and goals then it is easier to take the right action.

Preparation: Have your journal ready to take notes.

Turn off your cell phone and anything else that may distract you.


Get into a comfortable position… Now allow your eyes to close and begin by focusing your awareness on your breath… Breathing in and breathing out………………. Breathing in easily and effortlessly… Then breathing out slowly and softly… Each breath allows you to become more relaxed and comfortable… Outside sounds only allow you to go deeper inside…Remind yourself how good it is to leave the noise and stress of the outside world… Know that you are safe and in control of yourself… Journey into the quiet and peaceful space of your own inner world.

As you allow yourself to go deeper into a state of relaxation, perhaps you can remember a time when you stood before a pond or lake where it was quiet and peaceful. Imagine you tossed a pebble into the center and stood to notice the ripples spreading out, watching one ripple after another, flowing outward, farther and farther away from the point where the pebble landed. The ripples slow down, becoming farther apart until the water once again is calm and peaceful. I’m going to invite you now to imagine that your body is like that body of water. As you drop a pebble into the center of your body, you can feel waves of relaxation rippling out. Allow yourself to become more relaxed as these waves flow through your body. Through your torso, into your chest and your back and through your spine, spreading out into every muscle of your back. Through your shoulders and arms, up through your neck, your jaw, face, and scalp. Feel the ripples relax you as your muscles let go and become soft and loose. Feel the ripples of relaxation flowing down the bottom of your torso. Flowing through your abdomen and your pelvis. Down through your thighs, calves, ankles, and toes. Know that each time you drop a pebble into the center of your body you can become more relaxed.

Continue to keep your eyes closed and relax as you visualize the following questions…

First, we will focus on the financial areas of your life.
What would you like your annual income to be?
What does your cash flow look like?
How much money do you have in savings?
What investments did you make?
What is your total net worth?

Next, what does your dream home look like?
Where is it located?
What does the landscape look like around your home?
Notice what is inside your home… Walkthrough each room noticing the details of the furniture, who is there what is on the walls… fill in all the details.

Next, visualize what kind of car you are driving… See yourself driving that car… Notice what it feels like to drive that car… How did you buy that car?
Next, visualize your ideal job or career… Where are you working? … Do you own your own business? … What type of work are you doing? … Who do you work with? … What kind of clients or customers do you have? … What is your compensation like?

Now focus on your free time, your recreation time … What are you doing? … Who are you spending this free time with? … What are your sports or hobbies? … What kind of vacations do you take? … Where do you go? What do you do for fun?
Next, what is your ideal vision for your body and physical health? … What do you do to maintain your ideal body? … What do you do to stay healthy? …What foods do you eat? … Do you drink a lot of water?

Now visualize your ideal relationships … Is there a partner in your life? … What does your perfect partner look like? … What does this perfect relationship feel like? … What is your relationship with your family like? … Who are your friends? … What does your relationship with them look like? … Are they loving, supportive, and empowering? … What kinds of things do you do together? … What does your relationship with yourself look like? … Are you loving, nurturing, and happy with who you are? … What things do you do to take care of yourself?

What about your personal life? … Do you see yourself going back to school, getting training, attending workshops, seeking therapy for past hurt, or growing spiritually? … Do you meditate or go on spiritual retreats? … Do you want to learn to play a new instrument, or learn to sing? … Do you want to learn a new skill? … Do you want to write a book, run a marathon, or take an art class? … What things are you doing just for you?

Finally, focus on the community you live in… This is the community you have chosen… What does it look like when it is operating perfectly? … What kinds of community activities take place there? … What is your role in this community? … What is your charitable work?… What do you do to help others and make a difference? …How often do you participate in these activities? …
Who are you helping? … How does it make you feel to help others?

In a moment when you open your eyes, you will feel relaxed and excited, remembering all that you experienced, what you saw, and how you felt. Three, coming back to the present time…Two, stretching your body…One, eyes open, refreshed and alert.

Now take the time to write down the details of your experience. Pause here until you have written down everything you can remember.

Focus the session: Answer the following questions. Then choose one topic that you would like to work on for the remainder of the session.

  1. What do the financial areas of your life look like?
  2. Details of your home…
  3. Your vehicle?
  4. Career or business?
  5. Free time…
  6. Your body and health?
  7. Your relationship with your partner…
  8. Relationship with your family and friends…
  9. Relationship with yourself…
  10. Personal areas of your life?
  11. What do you do for yourself?
  12. The community you live in?
  13. Your participation in the community…

Create an action plan:

What was the most significant part of your vision?
Do you believe it is possible for you to have, be, or experience these things?
What could you do to bring your vision to life?

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