Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is based on the art of asking really good questions. A life coach will keep asking questions in such a way that will help their client to keep digging deeper in search of the root cause. Life Coaching is a rewarding career that provides many opportunities to help others discover and achieve their goals. People need support to survive and thrive in life. Life Coaches support and encourage clients to take action to achieve their wants and needs. Life coaches do not pass judgment, but also do not hold anything back. This creates an honest, nonjudgmental environment in which clients feel both supported and challenged.

What life coaching is not

Life Coach is not consulting, mentoring, therapy, or counseling. The core belief of life coaching is that the client has all of the answers within themselves.

Life Coaching is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, therapy, or counseling. The core belief of life coaching is that the client has all of the answers within themselves. Life coaching may briefly cover the past to pinpoint a problem, but the process quickly moves on to finding a solution. The coach and the client work together to create a realistic action plan to reach the intended goal.

Life coaching is not intended to fix people. Life Coaches do not tell a person what to do, judge them, or attempt to rescue someone from their current position. A Life Coach may offer suggestions or share their experience, but only with the client’s permission. Remember that the session is not about the coach or their story. It is natural to want to share one’s story with others, but this is not an effective means of Life Coaching. Instead, focus on the client’s story and what they think they need to do. It’s all about helping clients move forward, knowing they have all the answers within themselves.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone who has a passion for helping others Life Coaches work with clients to create a clear action plan to achieve specific goals and support personal growth. By teaching each client to listen to their true inner guide, a Life Coach responds in ways that help the client realize what they need to do. A Life Coach brings out the very best in others by challenging them to accomplish their goals and dreams at an accelerated pace and facilitates their ability to find a spiritual perspective within everyday life situations.

“Revolve or Evolve?”

Sometimes life can be tough, and a person doesn’t know in which direction to go. As a result, they keep revolving in circles and have difficulty moving forward. A Life Coach helps the client find clarity and motivates them to take action based on their wants and needs. By the end of a session, a client will be motivated and have a clear view of what steps to take to achieve his or her goals. With a follow-up session, the Life Coach checks in with the client to see if they are following through on their action plan.

Life Coaching is about self-growth and taking clients’ lives to the next level. Life Coaches may use several transformational tools to help their clients find clarity including hypnotherapy, guided imagery, written exercises, affirmations, and role-playing. To help a person visualize the possibilities of what they really want, a life coach brings them to a comfortable and relaxed state. This helps clear the mind of all emotions and activities from the day so the client can be receptive and open to possibilities.

What is the Coach’s role?

A Life Coach knows the client already has all the answers to every question or challenge deep within himself/herself, even if those answers appear unclear or hidden. The coach’s role is to listen carefully, then acknowledge what the client said. Next, the coach asks specific questions and uses powerful tools and exercises to help the client find answers within himself/herself.

Life Coaching empowers and expands each client’s awareness through the use of powerful questions that leverage their gifts and talents MUCH faster than they could accomplish on their own. The coaching process examines what is going on right now in a client’s life, discovers any obstacles or challenges, and addresses them by choosing a course of action that will provide measurable results. In this way, Life Coaching can be applied to many areas of a person’s life. A client’s career, relationships, and personal goals can all be greatly benefited. Life Coaching can result in great successes, ranging from advancement in the workplace to enhanced relationships with family and friends. The Life Coaching process also acts as a buoy, helping clients to stay afloat and thrive during stressful transitions and life events.

Life Coaching teaches clients to connect their heads and their hearts in a way that transforms their passion or their dreams into action for their lives. Coaching is like having a personal trainer for life!

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Becoming a Life Coach

Becoming a Life Coach will also encourage your own personal growth. Working as a Life Coach will not only impact your clients’ personal, professional, and spiritual development but yours, as well. By helping others, you help yourself. Anyone can benefit from experiencing Life Coaching training, whether you pursue coaching as a profession or use the skills of coaching to complement what you are already doing. Life Coaching empowers all.

  • Help others achieve happiness and success
  • Stress-free work
  • Be your own boss
  • Make your own schedule and hours so you can spend more time doing the things you love
  • Make the income you desire
  • Builds confidence and higher self-esteem
  • Be a leader in the life coaching profession with access to powerful tools, tips, training and support team

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