Mindful Marketing Mini-Course

In this mini-course, I will teach you how I built a successful business “mindfully” on a very small budget. Please feel free to use my website as an example. I use Godaddy WordPress hosting and for my theme, I use the free version of GeneratePress: by Tom Usborne.

You will learn step-by-step strategies to successfully build your business online. You will also learn in-person business-building strategies.

Internet Marketing and SEO

The purpose of Internet marketing is to get people to visit your website. There are several ways to market yourself online. The first most important is to have a website that is search engine optimized (SEO). Then create an email database, make sure to actively be blogging, and is to use social media. Keep your posts interesting, using text, photos, videos, and any other forms of communication you can. Online webinars are a great way to attract and convert new clients.

Important: This part of the training begins once your website is already established. Afterwards, you can move on to the next steps. The following is suggested information only.

A few basic steps to internet marketing:

  1. Website
  2. Email Database
  3. Blogging
  4. Webinars via Zoom
  5. Video

Create your client database:

We recommend the Jetpack subscription email function on WordPress. Jetpack is a plugin. Every time you publish a new blog post, Jetpack will automatically send an email notification to your email list.

Collect emails from those who want to follow you. You can have them sign-up on your website or you can manually add them.

Add an email subscription widget to your sidebar or as a button on the main navigation menu.

Send out a new blog post at least once per week.

Offer sales specials, events, promotions, etc.


How to write a Blog for SEO…

  1. Write about something related to what you are doing. Include interesting and valuable content and information. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to very long.
  2. After you have written the post, carefully name it (The Title) using keywords. Think about what words people are searching for and also try to keep it related to what you are writing about.
  3. At the end of your post, you will want to ask a question to engage readers and hopefully create a future conversation.
  4. Add a call to action at the bottom of your post. Example: “Call today to learn more.” In doing this, you will lead your clients to what you want them to do next.
  5. Insert a related image and be sure to label it with a name in your attached keywords. It is best to have the photo aligned to the left of your text post.
  6. Ask for a response or review.

It is a good idea to do this weekly if you can. Staying updated is the key to keeping your website consistently popping up on the search engines.


Share what you know! Don’t be intimidated by doing a webinar! It’s really quite easy. A webinar is usually offered for free and the purpose is to share a brief explanation of your service or a topic within your service. Don’t give it all away, just a taste. Eventually, you will offer your webinar guests to go to your website or call to learn more. We use https://zoom.us  and www.BlogTalkRadio.com

Social Networking:

We do not recommend using any social networking as we have found that it is more of a distraction than anything.


Video is one of the most important things that can bring your website up higher on the search engines. Get comfortable being in front of the camera. You don’t have to hire a professional to do this. You can do it!

  1. Create a short video of your coaching services. A good idea is to have someone interview you. Have the questions listed on a piece of paper that you want them to ask you.
  2. Create a YouTube account
  3. Upload your video making sure to use keywords in the title
  4. Embed the video to your website

When adding a video, first upload to YouTube. Then copy the embed code and add it to your website. When sending people to your video, send them to your website, not YouTube.

In-person marketing

Business cards are a thing of the past! Now you only need one card! Check this new technology out. https://v1ce.co

But if you still want to have a business card to give away…

Having a business card is one of the most important marketing tools you can use to build your business. Business cards can speak volumes about who you are and the service you offer.

Here are some powerful networking tips for using business cards…

Always have your business cards with you:

Expect opportunities everywhere you go… in the grocery store checkout line, at the bank, walk in the park, etc.

Use proper business card etiquette:

Whenever you give a business card, ask for a business card. It’s almost like a paper handshake. When given a business card, don’t just take it and place it in your pocket. Take a minute to look at their card and acknowledge them. You might see something that could spark a topic of discussion. Write comments on the card such as date, location and common points of interest. These comments will prove valuable when following up with that person. This also demonstrates a sincere interest in the other person. After a brief discussion, then place their business card in your purse or wallet. This lets them know they reside in a special place.

Be generous:

Always give two business cards, they may know of someone who could also be interested. Say, “Here is an extra card just in case you know of someone that might be interested.” Give business cards out to everyone, including family and friends.

Ask for referrals:

“Will you refer me to your friends and family?” You can build an incredibly successful network just from referrals!


Network with others who are likely to pass your cards out, make sure they always have a good supply of your cards. Reward them for referring you.

Where to start:

  1. Create a GotPrint.com or a moo.com account (We recommend these companies because I have found them to be the best quality, service, price, and turnaround time)
  2. If using GotPrint, Download the business card template. (you will need Adobe Photoshop to create this). Create your business card and submit your order.

Creating a business card tips:

  1. Clear Message: Your business card should clearly tell people what you do or offer.
  2. Contact Information: The most important part of your business card is the contact information. It is best to include your phone number with area code, email address, and website. Your clients or potential clients should have as many means as possible to contact you as possible.
  3. Font Size: Make sure the numbers and letters are easy to read.
  4. Brand yourself: Add a tagline, logo or symbol, even your picture on the card.
  5. Design: Keep it simple and clean, try not to put too much on the card.
  6. Color: Avoid using too much color. Sometimes black and white with a pop of color is nice.
  7. Gloss: Use gloss coating, if liquid is dropped on your card it’s safe!
  8. Details: Rounded corners and unique shapes are also fun. I love using circles.
  9. Ordering: In the beginning, place small orders just in case you made a mistake, you’ll be glad you didn’t order 500 or 1000!

Business Tips:

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Make sure you invest in the best business card design you can afford. The business card is your first impression and introduction to a client.

It is also good practice to have a brochure or rack card. Most people now have a rack card in addition to their business card. This way they can provide more information. A rack card fits in the same slot as a brochure and is more cost-effective. A rack card is similar to a brochure; however, it includes less information than a traditional tri-fold brochure because we use to have all of our info on the brochures before websites were invented. Be sure to include your website on your rack card so that potential clients can find the full information online.

In-Person Marketing

In person marketing, also known as offline marketing, person to person marketing or live marketing is just as important as internet marketing. No matter how much we market our business online there is still a very important place for in-person marketing. There are several ways you can do this including joining a support group, holding a public speaking engagement, giving a lecture or talk, teaching a workshop, or attending a local networking mixer, social event or gathering. In doing so, you can begin to develop a local support network.

Support Groups: You can join a support group to help market your business. There are many different types of support groups, just look for one in your local area that is specific to or complements the service you offer.

Public speaking: Give a lecture or talk about what you do. Many local libraries and colleges encourage public education.

Workshops: Teaching a workshop is a great way to market your business. This can be a fun and interactive way to get more clients.

Networking Mixers: You can join your local chamber of commerce. Networking with other local businesses can help you build rapport with the community and will help you create a referral based business. Some communities will offer business-networking lunches where you can exchange business cards and have the opportunity to exchange information about your business with others in your community.

Social Events and Gatherings: Any type of social event or gathering can help you grow your business. Getting out and interacting with your local community is a great way to meet new people and promote your business.

Local Media: You can choose to advertise in your local phone book, or create a radio or television advertisement if you want to use the media to promote your business.

Create a Support Network: When you make a connection with another business owner, ask if you may leave a supply of cards to be handed out or made available. Also, look for businesses that are complementary to your own. The goal is to make connections and look for networking partners. An example would be a sports nutritionist leaving a stack of cards at a martial arts studio. For your sake, as a Life Coach, you may choose to connect with a massage therapist or energy healer. Be creative with your cards and do not be afraid to jump for opportunities to connect. Market yourself everywhere you go. Talk to everyone about what you do. Always keep your business cards on you.

Start a Mastermind Group: Here is a great way to build your business… Start a Mastermind group! The intention of the group is to build a valuable and fun support network. The purpose of the group is to uplift, empower, encourage, and support each other and to share ideas, information, provide resources, and ideas to help create a more successful business.

You can offer a specific topic for the group, for example, parenting or focus on money and finances. You could find a specific topic that you would like to coach around or have a different topic each week. The fun part is that you can create any type of mastermind group you want!

Here is an example of what a meeting could look like…

Example Meeting Outline

Meet once per week

Approx. 1 1/2 hours

8 members

Start meeting

Introduce new members

Delegate a timekeeper

Each member will be allowed a specific amount of time to share:

  1. Briefly review action step/plan from previous week, or create a new one if you are a new member

  2. Share your results and what is working for you

  3. Struggles, delays, blocks

  4. Projects

  5. Needs, ask for support

Then other members can share:

  1. Feedback

  2. Brainstorm ideas

  3. Suggestions and Ideas

Then each member creates a new action plan before moving on to the next member.

Continue until each member has completed their turn.

Close meeting

After the meeting participants can meet one on one to communicate further on their thoughts.