Return to Turtle Island Project

The “Return to Turtle Island” project is an ancestral educational recovery and retreat center.

The project will include replica structures and a simulation of the way our ancestors would have lived hundreds of years ago.

Turtle Island is the original name of North America according to many indigenous Native American tribes.

Discover ancestral teachings, healing, and ceremony. Retreat in a safe environment where you will reconnect with nature and learn how to get back to the basics and develop a new love for the simple things in life that matter the most. Sit around a campfire and listen to the elders speak as they share stories and wisdom from the past. You just might enjoy live storytelling a lot more than what you will find scrolling on Facebook.

No drama, no media, no government, no money, only love, community, family and building relationships and trust.

Learn indigenous crafts including how to make pottery, baskets, clothing and textiles, basic leatherwork, beadwork, weapons, hunting supplies, cooking tools and techniques, games, basic living necessities and more.

Learn basic gardening skills, hunting, gathering herbs and medicines, preparing for winter and basic shelter making. Eat live indigenous food from the area including prickly pear, agave, yucca, juniper berries, mesquite pods, corn, squash, beans and so much more!

The Return to Turtle Island project is designed specifically for those wanting to learn more about how our ancestors lived. The community is free of modern technology, electricity, electronics, drugs, and alcohol.

It’s a safe place to heal from the fast world and learn the old ways of our ancestors, a concept that returns back to a time before European settlers arrived. The idea now is to embrace all as one tribe and teach others how to live in balance with each other and all life within mother earth.


It is Rebekah’s dream, vision, purpose, and mission to create this at this time. She has felt a deep calling for many years. Every time she visits ancestral sites she stops and listens to the wind… It’s the ancestors telling her to return to the old ways. Every time she visits these ancient sites, they speak to her giving her more and more insight and information into how they lived and what we need to do now.


Why now? The world has fallen out of balance. There are many things that have caused this and it all started not too long ago. It’s not too late to return to ancestral ways. Do it for the preservation of ancestral knowledge, songs, dances, stories, and culture.


Current status of this project: Collecting donations and searching for property. (Hoping for 40 acres or more)

Location: To be announced somewhere in Northern Arizona

Facilities will include:

Main office/only building with solar power. This is where all electronics will be kept. Limited access
A few small structures for guests to stay for their retreat. Structures will include a bed, bathtub, compostable toilet, wood stove. All heat and cooking will be done on a real fire.
Indoor community room
Outdoor community area with cooking grill and fire pit
Quiet room/library/meditation (indoor)
Healing Rooms
Two Moons Lodge (main house)
Community Garden
Animal Barn/Horse corral and stables, goats, chickens
Medicine Wheel
Ceremonial Teepee


Are you interested in supporting this project? There are many ways you can help!

Donate funds, land, physical help, or any other service you can offer.

Contact Rebekah to learn how you can help!

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