See Be Do Get – Life Coaching Exercise to Give a new Perspective to Old Limiting Beliefs

This coaching exercise teaches us the reasons why we keep attracting events into our lives that we don’t want. It also teaches how to redirect our actions and responses to get the outcome we do want.

Preparation: Have your journal ready to take notes.

One Minute Meditation: Take a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths and center yourself.

Begin the Session: Begin by asking yourself to think of something you are experiencing right now that you are not happy with.


1. See/Observe – What did you SEE, or observe during your experience? Explain your experience.

2. Be/Believe – As a result of what you’ve experienced, what do you now believe? Ask yourself how you are or act (how you BE) now as a result of what you experienced. What do you now believe?

3. Do/Action – This is the pattern that I developed because of this belief. Describe the pattern that you may have developed because of this belief. What do you DO now to reflect what you believe?

4. Get/Outcome – This is what keeps happening now because of my past experiences and the beliefs that caused me to develop. This is now what you GET, or your current outcome.


Focus the session: Now reverse the process.

5. Get/Outcome – This is what I would like to experience. Ask yourself what would you like to experience now? What would you like the outcome to be now?  This will show you how to redirect your thoughts in order to GET a new desired OUTCOME.

6. Do/Action – This is the pattern that I will develop. Ask yourself, what pattern could you develop now to get your desired outcome? What would you have to DO differently? What new ACTION will you take?

7. Be/Believe – This is what I now believe. Describe your new BELIEF. How will you BE now as a result of the new action you will take?

8. See/Observe – This is what I will experience. Ask yourself, what will you experience now as a result of the new action and belief? What will you SEE and OBSERVE now?

Create an action plan: What action are you willing to take to create the outcome you want? Write it down.

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