Seven Step Breakthrough

The Seven Step Breakthrough is a powerful coaching exercise that can help us visualize what we want, show us how we have responded to it in the past, realize what may have been blocking us from achieving it, and create an action plan for how to change that.

Preparation: Have a pen and paper ready or your journal to take notes.

One Minute Meditation: Take a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths and center yourself.

Begin the Session: Complete the next six steps, the seventh will come later.


Introduction to the Seven Step Breakthrough

This is a simple yet empowering exercise that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be by using powerful Life Coaching techniques. The Seven Step Breakthrough can help to find answers or clarity in any situation and can also help with making decisions that you may be presented with at this time. This coaching exercise can be used every time you need answers or clarification and can be reused multiple times after. The motivation behind this breakthrough process is that “you have all the answers within yourself.” This seven-step process will take approximately one hour to complete, and has the most benefit when to finish completed in one session. Be prepared to take notes during this session. Journaling is very important when you are preparing to have a breakthrough! It allows you to record and measure your progress.

Step 1 The Event

An event can be a situation where you are looking for answers, direction, clarity, or insight on what action to take. Is this something that keeps happening? Is it an old pattern or habit that you would like to let go of?  Is it a new adventure that you’ve been wanting to experience? Are you interested in a new relationship or ending an old one? Is this the first time this has happened? What event will you be working on during this session? Take a moment to write down all the details about the situation and how it makes you feel. What is true about this event? Write down what emotions are associated with it and how it makes you feel.

*Take time now to journal about the event, or about questions that you are seeking answers to. Continue to the next step when you are finished.

Step 2 The Response

If this event has happened in the past, how have you previously responded to it? How will you respond to it now? In every situation, you have the power to choose your response, and in every situation, your response will determine your outcome. If you knew that you could get any outcome you wanted just as a result of how you respond, what would your response be?  How does that make you feel? Our feelings are our guide to what action we should take. Does it feel good or does it make you feel discomfort? Take a moment to journal about all the ways you could respond, write them all down.  Visualize what kind of outcome you may get for each response. Then choose the appropriate response.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”

*Take time now to journal about your new response to this event. Continue to the next step when you are finished.

Step 3 The Outcome

What would you like your outcome to be? How would it make you feel if you chose this outcome?  Is it in alignment with your feelings, beliefs, and values? If you had all of the support you needed, what would you like to experience? Be very detailed about what you would like the outcome to be. Visualize yourself already experiencing it. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that are created during this visualization. These emotions and feelings are like the glue that will attract this outcome to you. If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like laughing, then laugh. The only thing to remember is to allow these emotions to flow along with the feelings of already having, being, or doing what you want.

*Take time now to journal about your future experience. Continue to the next step when you are finished.

Step 4 Take Action

What steps have you already taken to move forward on this? Have you tried a different approach? Do you know the next step to take? If it’s someone you need to talk to, then schedule a time to contact him or them, or simply call them. If it’s somewhere you need to go, plan it. If you need money, expect it. If you are not sure how to do it, talk to someone who has already done it. What will you do? What action will you take? Who do you need to talk to? Where will you go? Remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. The lessons you learn and the people you meet along the way are all a part of your journey. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, then you may have noticed that the key to manifesting what you want is to take action that is in alignment with your intention. Another clue is that the word action is within the word attraction, and the word act is within the word action. So by taking action, you can expect new opportunities to unfold, and by acting as if you already have it through visualization, new possibilities will present themselves.

*Take time now to journal about the action that you are willing to take and when you plan on taking it. Also, schedule a time each day that you will visualize the outcome you want. All you really need is five to ten minutes. Continue to the next step when you are finished.

Step 5 The Blocks

What’s stopping you or blocking you? Is there something you are waiting for? Do you try to take action and keep running into blocks or distractions?  What are those blocks or distractions? How will you respond to them if they happen again?

When you take new action in any situation, distractions may show up to throw you off track. Learn to recognize them and face them. If you take no action, you may not get the response that you want. Let go of any negative thoughts or self-judgment that you may have. Remember, the worst thing that could happen is that you learn what not to do, while the best thing that could happen is that you learn what works and what to keep doing that. Most of us stay in our comfort zone, where we feel safe and comfortable, but in order to grow and get breakthrough results, we have to step outside of the zone of familiarity and into the scarier zone of the unknown. If you are feeling discouraged, uncomfortable, depressed, procrastinated or fearful, just remember that we always have a breakdown right before we have a breakthrough.

Follow your intuition, also referred to as your gut feeling or inner knowing. These are two similar feelings that we often get confused. One is a feeling that you shouldn’t do something because your inner guide knows it is the wrong action to take or the wrong words to say. If you go against this feeling, you may experience more blocks, or things just don’t work out the way you want. The other is a feeling of fear and just plain discomfort, but you know you have to do it. This one is the feeling you get just before you stretch and grow out of your old comfort zone. By trusting this feeling and facing your fears, you may experience ease and inner peace. Things will just start working together like a puzzle. It is important to learn to differentiate when your inner guide is telling you no, and when your body is just telling you no due to experiencing something new and uncomfortable.

*Take time now to journal about the blocks that you may be experiencing, and how you will overcome them. Continue to the next step when you are finished.

Step 6 The Plan

What is the first thing you could do to take action? What do you feel like you can do right now? When will you do it? What one thing could you do to take action? Journal about what you could do to move forward with this event. Write it down as an action plan! When would be a good time or day that you will do it? Be very specific. Is it today, tomorrow, or this week? Schedule it, write it on your calendar so you can see it and schedule other events around it. Always make sure to be accountable and do it!  If you would like to have someone remind you, call a friend, family member, your coach, an accountability partner, or someone you can trust and ask them if they can remind you at a certain time right before the event. Make sure to also write on your calendar a day when you will do the follow-up session, and review your notes in your journal.

*Take time now to journal about the action that you are willing to take and when. Continue to the next step when you are finished.


Congratulations, you have completed this coaching exercise. I hope you gained more clarity or understanding around this event or situation by going through the process. Remember, if something unfavorable happens during this process, it is probably just a blessing in disguise. Within every problem, there is an opportunity to be unmasked. Everything that has happened up to this point has perfectly been supporting you on your journey. You can’t do it wrong, and you don’t make mistakes. Mistakes are just opportunities to learn from and grow from. Continue to the next step only when you are ready to review your progress after you have followed through with your action plan.

Step 7 Follow-up and Review

Write down what you did, how it went, and what the outcome was. Would you have done it the same way? Would you have done it differently?  Did you have an “aha” moment?  Did you get clarification, answers, or insight? By reviewing your progress, this helps validate the action that you have taken and helps set you up for your next action step. Measurable results are very useful in situations like these. Make sure to thank yourself for your accomplishments and willingness to move through this process. Now that you have completed the Seven Step Breakthrough program for this event, you can now use it over and over for any and all events, just start over with step 1.

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