Evan Denmark

I first met Rebekah two years ago and I came to Sedona for vacation and a shamanic retreat. We work together to clear some issues I had with my biological father leaving me at an early age. After our session, I was so incredibly overwhelmed with positive feelings. – Forward to the current day. I worked with her a few weeks ago to deal with my anger issues within a couple of days after our session absolutely no anger towards anyone or anything. And it doesn’t end there.I have a problem with alcohol and we had a session to address that and as of this writing, I am now 12 days without drinking any alcohol and have no urges. Rebekah is magical and a wonderful soul. I’m absolutely confident that she can help you with some of those issues that have plagued you for so long. Evan Denmark, Sedona AZ 2020

Last Modified on November 10, 2020
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