Three Reasons People Come Into Our Lives

People come into our lives for three reasons:

1. To reflect something back to us that we admire or dislike about ourselves. When we come in contact with these people, we may feel a sense of familiarity. Pay close attention to these moments, as there is usually something of great value to learn here.

2. To give us information that will support us on our path. This may be a stranger that you are standing next to in the bookstore and they suggest that you read a certain book.

3. To support us on our life’s journey. People that come into our lives to support us also come in three different ways: a moment, a season, or a lifetime. People that come into our lives for a moment are usually the ones who will reflect something back to us about ourselves, or they have a bit of information or insight that they can share with us. People that come into our lives for a season may be supporting us by teaching us a lesson that will add to our growth. And people that are in our lives for a lifetime, such as your spouses, your children, or your parents, maybe here to teach us the big lessons in this lifetime.

Exercise: Throughout your day, and as you encounter different people, even your family that you see every day, look for what each person may have to offer you, or that you may offer them. If someone is asking you for some guidance then look at how it may be serving you to help them.

No matter who comes and goes in your life, they are all there to support you in some way or another. Make sure to show your gratitude and appreciation for them as this will reflect back to you more gratitude, appreciation, and support in your life.

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