What is a Vortex? Sedona AZ

What is a vortex?

Here’s my best description…

I’ve been doing vortex tours in Sedona since 2006. I have read many books and listen to several talks and lectures on the subject. I have worked for several tour companies, some large, some privately owned, all great. I have had several shamanic teachers that all gave me some insight into vortexes, Where they are, how to find them, what type of a vortex it was, etc.

When I am out on a tour, the things I get asked the most from visitors is, “Where is the vortex?” They are looking for a spiral-shaped formation that is supposed to be coming out of the ground. At least that is what they look like on the local “to do” maps. Some of the “New Age” folks in Sedona may refer to them as vortices.

The truth is, you can’t see a vortex at all, it is something you feel. It is a place where the energy is more concentrated and can easily be used to heal faster or create more of something in your life. When I was about six or seven years old we lived in Oregon and one day my mother decided to take my brother and sister and I to this place called, “The House of Mystery.” This house was built on a vortex site. After traveling for about two hours down this dirt road with huge green trees on both sides we finally arrived at this little house built on the side of this hill. I was so excited to see what the buzz was all about that I jumped out of the car before it was even stopped. An immediate disappointment and now a deeper sense of curiosity consumed me because they were closed. We did look around a bit though and I could feel some interesting things happening to my body. I literally had to walk at a slant to keep from falling over. I also noticed that some of the plants in the beautiful garden were growing funny. The leaves would grow upside down and some of them looked like they were inside out. Okay, that was strange, but my brother heard that if you pour water out in a steady stream it would fall at a slight slant to the ground, so we tried it and it did! Wish we had more water because that was fun. Shortly after that we moved back to Arizona and have never been able to return since.

They say that the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are very thin. Because of this, we are able to find more clarity, get answers, find our purpose, get in touch with our spiritual guides and an overall clear direction in life.

Just as our bodies have energy meridian lines that connect to each of our organs, the earth has ley lines that connect to these power centers all over the planet. Yes, there are vortex “hot spots” all over the planet. Some of which I know are in Peru, Hawaii, Egypt, Stonehenge, Bermuda Triangle, and Airs mountain in Australia. These power centers could be felt by the indigenous and they know there was something special about these locations. Each one is used for similar reasons; prayer, healing, manifesting, etc.

There are 5 main vortex sites in Sedona (depending on where you get your information from). Airport Mesa is a very masculine vortex, Indian Gardens vortex is very feminine, Boynton Canyon and Cathedral are balanced and very neutral. Bell Rock is also a balanced vortex. Really all of Sedona is one big vortex and there are several hot spots that the energy is more powerful. My favorite is a balanced vortex at the Wind Tunnel Caves.

Juniper trees in the area are very sensitive to the vortex energies and tend to spiral and twist as they grow. Some say that the more twisted the juniper is, the closer you are to the hot spot. Also, within my shaman studies, they say that the Juniper is one of the highest vibrations of the tree. This must explain why they are so affected by the energy. The Juniper is also a powerful healing tree; you can pull so much energy from them. I know where four healing junipers are. One at the Wind Tunnel Caves, one at the Hopi mound in Boynton Canyon, one along Upper Loop Rd, and one at Airport Mesa. When I tell people about these trees they want to touch them and sit in them for hours.

Masculine and Femenine?
Masculine vortexes work with the physical body as feminine may work more with the non-physical, emotional self. At a balanced vortex, you may not feel anything but immediate bliss. Masculine vortexes are also magnetic, empowering, and represent strength through action. Feminine vortexes are electric, calming, relaxing, and represent the wise and intuitive inner voice.

We all have masculine and feminine energies within us. The key to understanding more about ourselves is to know how to balance these energies.

Everything is Amplified!
Yes, that is exactly what I mean, everything is amplified and everything happens much faster here in Sedona. I didn’t know why I was guided to move here until I got here.

Sacred Land
The indigenous tribes that settled in the area did not live right in the heart of Sedona which is the Telaqepaque, uptown, and West Sedona area. They all lived on the outskirts of Sedona. This is obvious because you won’t find many ruins in the main parts, but you will find several caves, pit houses, and other dwellings all around Sedona. I figure because the Shaman of the tribe was the first one to listen to the land before settling there. The shaman was the member of the tribe that could talk to the land, and was very in-tune with nature, and could bring messages from the Great Spirit. They knew that this particular part of Sedona was “Great Spirits” land and should only be used for healing, prayer, and ceremony, and they should not live there.

Today, over fifty percent of Sedona’s population resides in the exact place that the indigenous knew not to live.

Powerful energy
Living in Sedona is not easy, I know from experience. I’ve lived there off and on since February 2009 and boy has it been a roller coaster ride! I was born in Cottonwood just twenty miles from Sedona and raised in Camp Verde. Yes, I’m a local native, but I have also lived in Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Florida.

The people
Most of the people that live in Sedona were called to move here by a strong inner voice and not just because of it beauty. They feel a deeper calling or connection to this magical place.

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