Wheel of Balance

The wheel of balance is a powerful coaching exercise that can help you prioritize and balance a few main areas of your life.

These areas include Friends and Family, Money and Finances, Health, Physical Environment, Fun and Recreation, Career and Life Purpose, Personal Growth, and Relationships. By looking at each section individually, we can learn where to begin to balance them all.


Preparation: Draw a circle on a sheet of paper. Divide it into eight sections (the same way you would cut a pie). Label them 1 through 8.

  1. Friends and Family

  2. Money and Finances

  3. Health

  4. Physical Environment

  5. Fun and Recreation

  6. Career and Life Purpose

  7. Personal Growth

  8. Intimate Relationship

One Minute Meditation: Take a moment to relax, take a few deep breaths and center yourself.

Begin the Session:

For each section, ask yourself…

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 means needs improvement and 10 means very satisfied), where do you feel you are right now compared to where you want to be? Fill in this section of the pie from the inside out until it reaches your number. Explain why you choose that number and what would it take to bring it to a 10? Take notes. Now continue filling in all the sections for each category.

Once the wheel is completed, look at it and ask, if you had one section you would choose to work on for this session, what would it be? Focus the rest of the session around it.

Create an action plan: What action are you willing to take to better that section of your life? Write it down.

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